The Age of Measurement

Has there ever been an age where we’ve been so publicly measured? As social media becomes embedded in our lives, there’s a growing number of tools available to measure our online performance, to assign us a grade, a rating or a name. Seriously. It’s getting beyond a joke. As a social media professional, I want and need analytics as much as the next social media … Continue reading The Age of Measurement

Why bosses shouldn’t ban social media

Are you ‘allowed’ to use social media during working hours? Does your boss frown down on Facebook or tantrum over tweeting? It’s an interesting issue in this so-called social media age, when many of us have smartphones in our backpocket or sit in front of a computer screen for much of the day, with our networks constantly beckoning us to check in, update and participate. … Continue reading Why bosses shouldn’t ban social media

Twitter has delivered for ‘traditional’ journalism

There’s been a lot of talk about what Twitter and other social media platforms can do for politicians –  especially in Australia where the federal election will be held tomorrow. Stephen Collins pointed out (quite rightly) that “the average punter is still relying on the tabloids, commercial radio and mainstream evening news and current affairs for their political information”. News Limited said (probably with relief) … Continue reading Twitter has delivered for ‘traditional’ journalism

Confessions of a Twitterholic

At a recent Socadl Tweetup*, a few late-stayers cosied up around one table. There was silence for a moment. So of course I tried to fill the silence. I piped up: “Hi, I’m Prakky, and I’m a Twitterholic”.  Everyone laughed. I don’t know why – it was true. (I suspect that a few might have laughed because they’re Twitterholics too, while at least one laughed … Continue reading Confessions of a Twitterholic