What does your Digital 2016 look like?

Last year more and more of my friends decided to change their approach to social media. It wasn’t a digital detox as such, but an attempt to win back some time from the online world. In particular it was a recognition that some of their Facebook experience was not fruitful or enjoyable – for all sorts of reasons, including reading endless mundane posts or experiencing … Continue reading What does your Digital 2016 look like?

Avoid advertising blahblah: the real meaning of Christmas?

Ah, Christmas messages – dontcha love ‘em? What do you say to your clients, your staff and other stakeholders during the festive season? Do you stick with the traditional Merry Christmas and Happy New Year? If so, you’re not alone! It has struck me that this standard message is regurgitated by a lot of organisations in their marketing and advertising material and it’s a wasted … Continue reading Avoid advertising blahblah: the real meaning of Christmas?

5 reasons why awards are important in PR

PR consultants often encourage their clients to enter awards. Why is this? Awards are a valuable recognition of your abilities and achievements – but also a great promotional tool. Award programs may: Provide case studies and inspiring stories to others Act as a testimonial or endorsement piece for re-use in your marketing channels Position you as a leader and contributor within your industry Set you … Continue reading 5 reasons why awards are important in PR

Unexpected PR questions

I was part of a ‘speed networking’ event recently, acting as the more experienced, (cough, older) PR practitioner to speak to new, emerging (and younger) practitioners about PR. It’s always refreshing to chat with people who are eager to hear more about your craft. And while there are many standard questions revolving around how to pitch to journalists and the best way to write a media … Continue reading Unexpected PR questions

You can leave your (black) hat on

A public relations practitioner is often the doomsayer in the room. It’s not because we’re naturally morose or negative people. (In fact, we’re naturally positive people who believe that our clients deserve attention and that we’ll produce stellar communication strategies. Someone has to believe.) We’re doomsayers because we are tasked with building and protecting reputation – and that often means forecasting what might possibly tarnish that … Continue reading You can leave your (black) hat on

A snapshot of public relations

What is public relations? Most businesses are familiar with the concept of advertising and marketing – but public relations can be misunderstood. As a business, you know you need to let your customers (or stakeholders) know what you have to offer. So you might advertise to let customers know about your products, your prices, and where to buy. Sounds straightforward enough. So where does PR … Continue reading A snapshot of public relations

New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Official dictionaries regularly add new words in order to keep up with our changing language. Often these have taken shape on social media platforms. The Oxford Dictionary language reference site recently added ‘bae’, ‘selfie stick’ and ‘cyberwarrior’. It was thrilling to see the term ‘concern troll’ listed on the site too because I’ve been thinking about new terms recently. (Clearly, a concern troll is “A … Continue reading New social terms wanted! #sosheterm