SA Awards List 2020

Winning awards is an excellent way to gain recognition in your community or industry and a highly-recommended ingredient in your PR plan.

Michelle Prak has put together a list of awards that generally take place in South Australia annually, categorising them from Arts & Creative through to Women’s. It’s a free online resource.

Download the SA Awards List 2020 now.

Sparkling party balloonsPlease note: this is not an exhaustive list of awards available to South Australian individuals, groups and organisations. If you cannot see your organisation or industry award listed on the following pages, please feel free to contribute it to the next edition by emailing michelle [at]

Award webpages are often refreshed or replaced, so in cases where the links below are unavailable it is recommended that you visit the organisation’s home page. Award dates often fluctuate and when it comes to entry dates and deadlines, you will need to check the dates and keep up to date via your own calendars.

Need help with your award entry?

Entering awards takes time and painstaking effort. Entry forms are often lengthy and detailed. If you’re interested in outsourcing this work, please contact michelle [at]

Michelle has worked with numerous clients to create successful award entries. She has helped clients win national and state industry awards, and also gain media coverage of those award-wins.