Trump social

Years ago, I worked as a social media consultant and much of my work involved government departments. Some of my work also involved politicians. And let me tell you: a great many of them wanted to avoid social media. They laughed at any notion of using social media platforms to communicate with the public and constituents. They were largely focused on the perceived risk. Government … Continue reading Trump social

New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Official dictionaries regularly add new words in order to keep up with our changing language. Often these have taken shape on social media platforms. The Oxford Dictionary language reference site recently added ‘bae’, ‘selfie stick’ and ‘cyberwarrior’. It was thrilling to see the term ‘concern troll’ listed on the site too because I’ve been thinking about new terms recently. (Clearly, a concern troll is “A … Continue reading New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Live-tweeting: from joy to disasters

Undoubtedly one of the great features of Twitter is the ability to live-tweet something happening right now. Today we regularly see journalists live-tweeting from press conferences and, increasingly, the courtroom depending on which jurisdiction they operate in. People live-tweet from conferences and sports clubs like Port Adelaide Football Club live-tweet their matches (in this case using the #pafclive hashtag). Live tweeting childbirth Recently, one of the … Continue reading Live-tweeting: from joy to disasters

Want me to love your hashtag? You better love it first

There’s an art to hashtags on Twitter. We know hashtags can corral conversations, help you find people you didn’t know existed and generally improve our Twitter (and Instagram) experience. It’s also easy to get it wrong and waste the effort you put into hashtags. Hashtags can be intriguing, powerful and attract new followers – but they can also appear exclusive, divisive or spam-like. I’m often … Continue reading Want me to love your hashtag? You better love it first

Do you change how you use Twitter depending on time of day?

I reckon I use Twitter differently in the evenings compared to during my working day. I decided to ask some of my Twitter friends if they did the same. Here’s the question I posed and the answers they kindly shared with me … Question:  Do you change how you use Twitter depending on the time of day? Explain. Jessie Morris :  I would say that I … Continue reading Do you change how you use Twitter depending on time of day?

Zombies really are coming to get you

I’m not the bloodthirsty type and I certainly couldn’t sit down to watch the Aussie horror, Wolf Creek, in its entirety. Yet I am a fan of the AMC series The Walking Dead, charting life in a world overrun by zombies. Sure there’s plenty of flesh-eating and screaming and foolish running and gratuitous stomping of heads with heavy boots. But somehow the zombie genre is not only … Continue reading Zombies really are coming to get you

Fun Twitter accounts to follow

For a long time on Twitter, if you wanted to recommend another Twitter account to others you’d participate in #FF (follow Friday). Some people still use #FF but it’s largely fizzled out. This post is a bit of an #FF for a few fun accounts that were recommended to me recently. (If you see your recommendation below – thank you!) These accounts are imaginative, silly and … Continue reading Fun Twitter accounts to follow