Trump social

Years ago, I worked as a social media consultant and much of my work involved government departments. Some of my work also involved politicians. And let me tell you: a great many of them wanted to avoid social media. They laughed at any notion of using social media platforms to communicate with the public and constituents. They were largely focused on the perceived risk. Government … Continue reading Trump social

What does your Digital 2016 look like?

Last year more and more of my friends decided to change their approach to social media. It wasn’t a digital detox as such, but an attempt to win back some time from the online world. In particular it was a recognition that some of their Facebook experience was not fruitful or enjoyable – for all sorts of reasons, including reading endless mundane posts or experiencing … Continue reading What does your Digital 2016 look like?

New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Official dictionaries regularly add new words in order to keep up with our changing language. Often these have taken shape on social media platforms. The Oxford Dictionary language reference site recently added ‘bae’, ‘selfie stick’ and ‘cyberwarrior’. It was thrilling to see the term ‘concern troll’ listed on the site too because I’ve been thinking about new terms recently. (Clearly, a concern troll is “A … Continue reading New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Missing the signs

When you’re in the hospitality business, you want to take every opportunity to promote yourself. Right? Why then, this strange trend for new hospitality businesses to erect signs on their construction sites which don’t tell us anything at all? Lately, I’ve seen too many upcoming establishments share ‘watch this space’ and ‘follow us on social media for more’ messages on their temporary signs. They’re a … Continue reading Missing the signs

It’s baa-aack! Socialnomics clip shares new numbers

Hello readers. If you have been in the audience of a social media seminar or two, chances are you would have seen an Eric Qualman social media video. Back in 2010 when I started speaking on the topic of social media, I remember the first Qualman clip being a big hit on the conference circuit – but it didn’t take long before those in the … Continue reading It’s baa-aack! Socialnomics clip shares new numbers

Live-tweeting: from joy to disasters

Undoubtedly one of the great features of Twitter is the ability to live-tweet something happening right now. Today we regularly see journalists live-tweeting from press conferences and, increasingly, the courtroom depending on which jurisdiction they operate in. People live-tweet from conferences and sports clubs like Port Adelaide Football Club live-tweet their matches (in this case using the #pafclive hashtag). Live tweeting childbirth Recently, one of the … Continue reading Live-tweeting: from joy to disasters