Why PR is like your Mother

Our mothers have our best interests at heart, right? Well, by and large. Occasionally they let us stay up too late, or filled us with sugary products; they were late collecting us from school or failed to sign an excursion consent form. But overall, mothers are there to protect and nurture and teach us. They defend us against the world and encourage us to put … Continue reading Why PR is like your Mother

5 ways to help your clients to network

The original title for this post was ‘5 ways to help your clients to develop relationships’ but that didn’t sound right. Yet this article is about relationship-development. After all, relationships are at the heart of public relations. A good PR practitioner looks after their clients’ reputation and that includes not just media relations, sponsorships and events, but helping clients to develop the professional relationships for … Continue reading 5 ways to help your clients to network

You can leave your (black) hat on

A public relations practitioner is often the doomsayer in the room. It’s not because we’re naturally morose or negative people. (In fact, we’re naturally positive people who believe that our clients deserve attention and that we’ll produce stellar communication strategies. Someone has to believe.) We’re doomsayers because we are tasked with building and protecting reputation – and that often means forecasting what might possibly tarnish that … Continue reading You can leave your (black) hat on