Four ways to make a PR pro cry

Now, I’m sure most readers don’t actually want to make a public relations practitioner cry … But as someone who’s worked in PR, in some form or another for many years now, I’ve got a pretty good handle on what can upset, flummox and depress us. This list relates in particular to those who work in media relations. Read on and weep (or laugh). Journalist … Continue reading Four ways to make a PR pro cry

Social pix are serious business

When it comes to some quick promotion of your business, don’t overlook the good ol’ social photos. Social photographs are a staple of the print and online media and surely one of the most unmissable sections of every newspaper. They’re a vibrant, light and easy way to maintain your business’s profile and – in many cases – reward clients, partners and staff by including them … Continue reading Social pix are serious business

Why PR is like your Mother

Our mothers have our best interests at heart, right? Well, by and large. Occasionally they let us stay up too late, or filled us with sugary products; they were late collecting us from school or failed to sign an excursion consent form. But overall, mothers are there to protect and nurture and teach us. They defend us against the world and encourage us to put … Continue reading Why PR is like your Mother

20 Ways To Leverage Public Speaking Engagements

You’ve got a speaking gig? Congratulations. It’s a good public relations device to build your profile and help you reach out to potential clients, customers or partners, and share your expertise or point of view. Your audience may comprise 12 people. It may comprise 120.  No matter the number, there are things you can do to make the most of your presentation and leverage the effort … Continue reading 20 Ways To Leverage Public Speaking Engagements

The PR rollercoaster

I’ve worked in a few PR roles over the years. Every day is different and projects can include issues management, event management, web writing, publicity stunts, drafting columns, researching niche publications, organising stakeholder meetings .. and so much more. But a lot of my work is in media pitching – which for the PR novice, means sending a story idea to a journalist in the … Continue reading The PR rollercoaster

Does emotion have a place in PR?

This post was first published in InDaily on 9 March 2016 Where does emotion feature in a corporate crisis? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently, following Unley Council’s parking fees stoush with the Transport Department and reactions to food writer John Lethlean’s Hill of Grace review. PR lore would have us ‘keep calm and carry on’ but sometimes emotion is appropriate and valuable. … Continue reading Does emotion have a place in PR?

PR consultant or in-house PR manager? A look at the pros and cons

Public relations professionals work in all sorts of environments and working arrangements, and that includes external ‘consultants for hire’ or in-house, long term employees. There are pros and cons to each approach and this is a topic often discussed during university PR studies to help students ponder their future direction. I’ve worked in both roles and as a current PR consultant with her own business, … Continue reading PR consultant or in-house PR manager? A look at the pros and cons