Trump social

Years ago, I worked as a social media consultant and much of my work involved government departments. Some of my work also involved politicians. And let me tell you: a great many of them wanted to avoid social media. They laughed at any notion of using social media platforms to communicate with the public and constituents. They were largely focused on the perceived risk. Government … Continue reading Trump social

Folks, it was fake: parody political accounts

UPDATE: Julia Gillard remains Prime Minister after a leadership spill earlier today. Read on for some of what occurred on Twitter during this political event ..   Australian federal politics is abuzz with news of a leadership spill today – Prime Minister Julia Gillard has declared there will be a vote amongst her ALP Caucus at 4.30pm AEST. As always, Twitter is enabling people to share … Continue reading Folks, it was fake: parody political accounts

Ban social media? What a riot.

Someone is murdered with a hammer. Do we ban hammers? No, we can’t because there’s these things called nails and these things called houses that shelter us, so we kind of need hammers to be available. Someone is run over by a train. Do we ban trains? Sorry, we can’t.  Public transport must continue apace and we can only put up more safety rails and … Continue reading Ban social media? What a riot.

Twitter has delivered for ‘traditional’ journalism

There’s been a lot of talk about what Twitter and other social media platforms can do for politicians –  especially in Australia where the federal election will be held tomorrow. Stephen Collins pointed out (quite rightly) that “the average punter is still relying on the tabloids, commercial radio and mainstream evening news and current affairs for their political information”. News Limited said (probably with relief) … Continue reading Twitter has delivered for ‘traditional’ journalism

Why politicians will never embrace Twitter

Hot on the heels of my blog looking at social media’s blind date with Australian politics, I thought it was timely to remind ourselves why MPs will never fully embrace Twitter. Most politicians don’t use Twitter to its full potential. It’s important to understand why – and a behind-the-scenes look at political life will help. But first, what is Twitter’s full potential? Here’s an indication … Continue reading Why politicians will never embrace Twitter

#SAElection Day Tweeting

On election day in South Australia, I take a last-minute look at what political candidates have been doing on Twitter. This is a follow up to my ‘Politicians and Twitter’ blog a few weeks ago … Premier Mike Rann hasn’t tweeted for past two days. Too much to do, to tweet? I would’ve thought using your own direct broadcast channel and conversing with the electorate … Continue reading #SAElection Day Tweeting

Politicians and Twitter

What better time to take a look at state politicians’ tweets than now – at the official beginning of the South Australian election period? It’s fantastic that some pollies have delved into social media, using platforms like Twitter. This means they get it – right? Er … maybe not. Taking a cursory look at some SA politicians tweets, it appears they use Twitter as a … Continue reading Politicians and Twitter