Why PR is like your Mother

Our mothers have our best interests at heart, right? Well, by and large. Occasionally they let us stay up too late, or filled us with sugary products; they were late collecting us from school or failed to sign an excursion consent form. But overall, mothers are there to protect and nurture and teach us. They defend us against the world and encourage us to put … Continue reading Why PR is like your Mother

Fore.cast : more than another stalking machine

Yesterday I downloaded Forecast and it may be too early to blog about it – but I will anyway. Forecast is a location-based social media app that describes itself as “a fun and simple way for friends to share where they’re going”. Which of course is tricky if you don’t know where you’re going. That aside, it has some pros and cons which depend – … Continue reading Fore.cast : more than another stalking machine

The 13 stages of #FF (a Friday the 13th special)

According to a story on Mashable in 2009 , Follow Friday on Twitter was initiated by a tweeter called @micah (If you’re not on Twitter,  a quick explanation. On Fridays, tweeters may choose to take part in the tradition of ‘recommending’ a few of their favourite tweet pals, by circulating their names along with an #FF to indicate “follow Friday”). I don’t want to join … Continue reading The 13 stages of #FF (a Friday the 13th special)

We Came, We Swarmed, We Almost Conquered …

Adelaide had its first Foursquare Swarm recently. Friday 27 August, to be exact. What’s a swarm? you ask. What’s Foursquare, you ask? [read my blog from a long time ago ..] When 50 people check into the same Foursquare location within an hour of each other, it’s designated a ‘swarm’ and you’re awarded a swarm badge. Foursquare awards all sorts of virtual badges for your … Continue reading We Came, We Swarmed, We Almost Conquered …

Do You Touch Your Tweeps?

What do you do, when you meet a ‘tweet’ pal for the first time In Real Life? It’s a question that I wrestle with, because I regularly meet people face-to-face after first making a connection with them through Twitter. They’re not blind dates, but they’re pretty close in terms of how awkward you can feel. In my experience, tweet-ups have been fantastic and I’ve not … Continue reading Do You Touch Your Tweeps?

It’s a lonely (social) life

I’m still to play with Google Wave … … but one thing I am hearing from Google Wave newbies, is that they’re ‘lonely’ there. At least, that’s my interpretation. I’ve seen tweets and comments like: ‘Why is nobody waving at me?’ ‘I’m here .. now what?’ and ‘Um, I have Google Wave. Anyone want invites? Maybe I can finally make it a fun thing if … Continue reading It’s a lonely (social) life

F**k you too!

Status updates … … they’re a touchy subject. Some people think status updates in social media are childish timewasters (the Twitter naysayers), others think they’re a valuable and fun way to keep our networks updated. I like them. But I don’t like swearing in status updates. I’m getting a growing number of Facebook friends who feel the need to vent, using every expletive, on their … Continue reading F**k you too!