New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Official dictionaries regularly add new words in order to keep up with our changing language. Often these have taken shape on social media platforms. The Oxford Dictionary language reference site recently added ‘bae’, ‘selfie stick’ and ‘cyberwarrior’. It was thrilling to see the term ‘concern troll’ listed on the site too because I’ve been thinking about new terms recently. (Clearly, a concern troll is “A … Continue reading New social terms wanted! #sosheterm

Two tips for personal branding + social media

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged on this before. I often get asked to speak about personal branding, I’ve given a few university lectures on the topic and also include it in my individual coaching sessions. So here goes …  For some of you, personal branding + social media may sound like bullsh*t. The concept doesn’t suit everyone. Millions of social media users are happy … Continue reading Two tips for personal branding + social media

Dude! Where’s my plain language?

 There’s lots of reasons to like Don Watson. My main reason? He’s a great writer. He’s well known for being speechwriter to former Australian PM Paul Keating (and wrote a marvellous book on Keating called Confessions of a Bleeding Heart). He’s also the author of two books much-loved in my circles: Weasel Words (Contemporary Clichés, Cant & Management Jargon) and Death Sentence (The Decay of … Continue reading Dude! Where’s my plain language?

How to Recognise the Signs of Venting

It seems you can’t switch on commercial TV without seeing an advertisement discussing the signs of ageing. Stuff the signs of ageing! They’re written all over our face for everyone to see. I’m more interested in the ‘signs of venting’, which are more difficult to recognise and which can lead you into trouble. So, what do I mean by social media venting? It can take … Continue reading How to Recognise the Signs of Venting

The perfect social media manager

A lot of blogs have been written about the ‘perfect social media manager’ or, as often called these days, ‘community manager’. Social Media Today wrote about “What Makes an Exceptional Social Media Manager” and there are some great traits listed on this blog by Powerhouse USA (an older post, but still valid). As social media seeps more into organisations, employers are grappling with finding the … Continue reading The perfect social media manager

Why bosses shouldn’t ban social media

Are you ‘allowed’ to use social media during working hours? Does your boss frown down on Facebook or tantrum over tweeting? It’s an interesting issue in this so-called social media age, when many of us have smartphones in our backpocket or sit in front of a computer screen for much of the day, with our networks constantly beckoning us to check in, update and participate. … Continue reading Why bosses shouldn’t ban social media

Wading through social streams

Sorting through your social media streams can be as frustrating as pushing through a shopping mall crammed with lolling teenagers when you’ve only got 30 minutes to shop. As we spend more time on social networks, one of the inevitable consequences is that we’re connected to a greater numer of people online. And that means a greater number of people to keep up with. Or … Continue reading Wading through social streams