The good source

Journalists aren’t the only professionals who require good sources. Professional communication managers need them, too. Whether you call your role “PR” or “media relations” or “corporate communications”, it’s impossible to have a highly successful comms program without having some input from others around you. I was reminded of the importance of this recently when I published the post “The To-Do List for Every New Corporate … Continue reading The good source

The To-Do List for Every New Corporate Communications Manager

So you’ve just landed a new corporate communications role. Congratulations! So have I. I’m a month or so into a new role and absolutely love it. And naturally, I’ve been focused on all the things a good corporate communications manager should have in place. I’ve shared a list below for you but first – please note – this list doesn’t apply to my specific role … Continue reading The To-Do List for Every New Corporate Communications Manager

Some Kind of Important

It’s a hard job being a school teacher, right? The bulk of the challenge is wrangling children into some sort of calm state where they’ll be able to listen to you and absorb at least a tiny percentage of what you’re saying. Kids, amiright? Well,  it’s not just children who have a tough time listening. Adults don’t enjoy it either. I go to a lot … Continue reading Some Kind of Important

The worst part of any corporate publication

What’s your favourite part of a government magazine or corporate brochure? I’m going to sweep aside any notion that you don’t read and enjoy government magazines and corporate brochures … so I can sail into one of my pet peeves. Because surely your favourite piece of any of these glossy publications is: the welcome message from the Minister?  Closely followed by the welcome message from … Continue reading The worst part of any corporate publication

A communications plan with teeth!

Today I had a sensational experience at the dental surgery. It was nothing to do with my teeth. The check-up didn’t hurt (much) and my teeth are in good shape. What was sensational was this … The dentist (new to me) sat with me, looked me in the eye, and chatted about my teeth and my general health for a few minutes first. He asked … Continue reading A communications plan with teeth!