Avoid advertising blahblah: the real meaning of Christmas?

Ah, Christmas messages – dontcha love ‘em? What do you say to your clients, your staff and other stakeholders during the festive season? Do you stick with the traditional Merry Christmas and Happy New Year? If so, you’re not alone! It has struck me that this standard message is regurgitated by a lot of organisations in their marketing and advertising material and it’s a wasted … Continue reading Avoid advertising blahblah: the real meaning of Christmas?

Marketing Week 2011: Battle of the Creatives

Marketing Week is always a sensational time in Adelaide – when over five days we’re treated to some of the best speakers from the worlds of marketing, advertising, public relations, digital, government, market research and more. Last year I was part of a breakfast session with Lee Hopkins and Crispin Butteriss. We enjoyed being interrogated by PRIA SA Chair Adam Thomson while the audience clattered … Continue reading Marketing Week 2011: Battle of the Creatives

I’m a podcaster now?

A person who writes blogs is a blogger. A person who uses Twitter is a tweep or tweeter. You can be a YouTuber, too. But what’s the name for a person who podcasts? I have no idea … Today was my first podcast experience. (Some of you may have seen this on Twitter already, but I wanted to share this on my blog too – … Continue reading I’m a podcaster now?

Top 10, Top 10 Lists 2010!

Okay, it seems that at this time of year, we go crazy for Lists. So who am I to buck the trend? Here’s the Top 10 List of 2010 Lists. Discover the year’s most popular search engine searches, Facebook updates, Twitter trends, web start ups and more: Google’s top searches in Australia 2010 (And if you’re interested, Google’s top searches, globally). Bing’s top searches for … Continue reading Top 10, Top 10 Lists 2010!

Who looks after social media?

Businesses and not-for-profits are increasingly adopting social media as part of their communications programs. This isn’t a blog about how ‘social media has become mainstream’. What I do want to ponder is: who’s best suited to manage these social media strategies? Is it an organisation’s: • marketing department • public relations team • advertising team or • (if an organisation is lucky enough to have … Continue reading Who looks after social media?

Twitter encourages live TV viewing

On the back of all commentary about “the internet killing mainstream media …”  .. consider how Twitter encourages live TV viewing. Have you ever sat back in front of the tele, relaxing in your favourite armchair, with your mobile phone open to Twitter? If you answered Yes, you’re not the only one. I’m increasingly enjoying watching live TV with a gang of friends – on … Continue reading Twitter encourages live TV viewing