6 Christmas Comms Ideas

Only 35 days until Christmas, one of my favourite days of the year!

In corporate communications land, are you ready?

Christmas dining table

Here’s a short list of Christmas tactics you might want to roll out like a sleigh:

  1. Find a charity for your organisation to support this Christmas season (which may be in addition to charities you already support).
  2. Summarise your company’s year in an infographic which can be used:
    1. during staff meetings to thank everyone for their contribution
    2. on your corporate website and social media
    3. in your enewsletter
  3. Design and draft a Christmas enewsletter for your database – remember to include thank you messages and details such as any office closures over the Christmas period
  4. Develop a way to thank your staff – whether that be a Christmas lunch, gifts, end-of-year awards, a short speech or personalised thank you messages
  5. Design Christmas social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on – Canva has a lot of great templates (it can also help with the infographic mentioned earlier) and Pexels has a lot of free Christmas images
    1. You may want to develop Christmas social media tiles for staff to use on their individual LinkedIn profiles, too
  6. Attend Christmas networking events and continue spruiking the role of your organisation; consider hosting your own event for key customers, suppliers or other stakeholders – but be quick, their calendars will be filling!

Merry Christmas – I hope you get the opportunity to “re-set” over the New Year’s period.



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