Doing PR differently – really?

Let me set the scene:

Over the years I’ve seen many PR agencies launched and spruiked. Some of them stick around to be long-term and successful players, others fold or merge.

I’ve also seen – particularly in Adelaide – established public relations agencies thrive over twenty years or more. I’m regularly amazed by the number of agencies serving the local market, many with their own specialities and niche. I often collaborate with my PR peers and I’ve served the industry as a President of the SA branch of PRIA.

Still with me?

There’s plenty of work to go around for practitioners who “do good stuff” and produce results.

What does make me chuckle however, are the new agencies which launch by telling us that they’re going to “do things differently”. They’re going to “take a fresh approach”, they say “we are disrupters” or they list what “sets them apart”.

And you know what? I hate to use the word spin, but that’s often what they’re doing.

If you take the time to scan their offering and their experience – it’s the same as other, established agencies. Often, exactly the same. Only their name is fresh, and their brand-new logo.

It’s a marketing ploy, most certainly. But do they also imagine somehow, that they are “doing things differently”? Or, as perhaps newer and emerging practitioners, are they unaware of the services being offered by older agencies?

Those PR agencies who have been around for decades, have survived for a reason.

They evolve. They are not sending media releases by fax, or ignorant of the influencer world.

  • So your new agency encompasses the breadth of marcomms?
  • You offer social media management and web services?
  • You have a videographer and a graphic designer?
  • You take a strategic approach?
  • Your media connections are second-to-none?

Established agencies have this covered.

This is not a dig at any particular players or new entrants. It’s an observation I’ve built over many years – and today I found time to blog on it…

So new PRs: is it time you stopped spruiking “doing things differently”?

If you claim you’re an authentic communicator with original ideas, it’s time to be authentic and more original with your own promotional plan.


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