20 Ways To Leverage Public Speaking Engagements


You’ve got a speaking gig? Congratulations.

It’s a good public relations device to build your profile and help you reach out to potential clients, customers or partners, and share your expertise or point of view. Public speakingYour audience may comprise 12 people. It may comprise 120.  No matter the number, there are things you can do to make the most of your presentation and leverage the effort you’re putting in.

Here are 20 ideas for you:


  1. Announce your speaking engagement on your social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog and so on.
  2. Send short details of your speech to news media, for inclusion in their ‘business diary’ section: what, when, where, who.
  3. Mention your upcoming speech in your enewsletter.
  4. Invite clients or peers to attend.
  5. Invite relevant journalist(s) to attend – if your presentation includes newsworthy content.
  6. Ask if you can have a copy of the audience list for later use (their RSVP list).
  7. Bring a pull-up banner promoting yourself or your company.
  8. Ensure there are contact details on any presentation slides: perhaps for the final screen, or as a footer throughout, depending on your design.

During your presentation

  1. Devise a hashtag for your presentation and ask your audience to share their thoughts using that tag. (Make sure you’ve researched and checked that hashtag beforehand).
  2. Take a selfie with your audience in the background (after gaining their permission)
  3. Ask a colleague or event organiser to film your presentation to share later.
  4. Livestream your speech on your Facebook business page.


  1. Share your presentation slides on SlideShare or Prezi. Include a clear description with key words.
  2. On your social media channels: share photographs of yourself delivering the presentation, including key excerpts of your speech in the caption.
  3. Add the presentation details as a permanent file/link/image on your LinkedIn profile page.
  4. If the presentation was newsworthy, recap its content in a media pitch to a journalist, or draft and pitch an opinion piece.
  5. Email all audience members (if permission has been gained) recapping your presentation and offering to remain in touch.
  6. Send the online link to the event hosts for sharing on their own channels, in their enewsletters and so on.
  7. Write a blog post expanding on the content you presented.
  8. If your presentation did garner social media coverage, collate and publish that using Storify.

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