Closing the loop with your media coverage


Have you recently gained some positive media coverage?

What happened next?

Did you bask in the glow for a while? Tell family and friends? Did you keep a copy of the news article, or had you already told your connections in advance to watch the television to catch your seven seconds of fame?

Media coverage can be an important part of your promotional plan. Reaching a lot of people at once can be a great means to raise your profile, get your message across, and become a little more well known.

But when you’ve achieved that media coverage, I’m here to tell you: close the loop!

Leverage it for all it’s worth.

If you’ve achieved some media coverage, that doesn’t mean ‘everyone has noticed you’ and that it’s time to put your feet up (though you may want to for a short time). It means it’s time to do the following:

  1. share your media success on your website
  2. share your media success on your social media channels
  3. save a copy of any newspaper clippings; consider displaying them in your office
  4. save your media coverage to mention during public presentations and pitches for work
  5. use that media coverage within a blog post on the topic
  6. if you gain a lot of coverage, save a list for a ‘as seen in the media’ section of your website or CV

You can also consider sending a note (email, tweet, whatever) to the journalist who produced your story, to thank them. This is especially important when you come across a journalist who had done a remarkable job in understanding your story/industry/issue in a way which hasn’t been captured well before.

Prakky public relations presentation
Prakky public relations presentation at X-Pol

‘The making of’

When a story is in production, you may even be able to take ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘the making of’ images. If you’re the guest at a radio studio, take a photo of yourself behind the mic or with the interviewer. If you’re being interviewed for television, take an image of the camera setting up, and let your stakeholders know you’re working on something which will go to air soon.

Please be aware of copyright rules when it comes to sharing media clippings. You  don’t own the content. You may:

  • Be able to reshare the story if that media outlet has already produced it online – eg, retweeting a journalist’s tweet, linking to an online story, or embedding a YouTube clip
  • If you ask, the media outlet may supply you with something to share (especially if you are going to redirect audiences back to them, acknowledge them and so on), including audio of a radio interview

I’ll end with one more useful tip:

Occasionally, you may be disappointed if your newspaper print story doesn’t subsequently appear in the newspaper’s online version. Don’t despair. Journalists can be extremely time poor and not everything automatically appears online. If you ask nicely, you may find that they can get the story online for you – especially if you explain you’d like to reshare it (thereby gaining more readers for their story). I’ve asked before. Given time, newsrooms will be as amenable as they can. It’s a win-win.

Thanks to the X-Pol networking group for reminding me of my mantra of “closing the loop”. It’s something I mentioned during my recent public relations presentation to the group.

Have you got another tip on this topic of “closing the loop” with media coverage? Please share in blog comments. Perhaps you’ve got an example of when you’ve done something similar – I’d love to hear from you.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. plainjane69 says:

    As always – great, practical advice generously shared. Thank-you.

  2. wellmaxx says:

    Reblogged this on The Good Innings and commented:
    Social media and the internet have seen a quantum change in the way we receive and disseminate information. If we don’t get on board we’ll get left behind and miss leveraging positive media coverage.. This is an excellent article on the subject and what you can do to “close the loop” by Michelle Prak a corporate communications and PR professional.

  3. Excellent article Michelle. You’ve made me reflect on the many missed opportunities. Only last week at a Cancer Council “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” I bumped into a number of Cancer CouncilSA staff and a cancer survivor who helped me make my DVD Cancer-What Now? several years ago. It would have been a perfect opportunity to have a photo with them that I could have put on Facebook and Twitter which would have helped promote the fight against cancer. Next time…

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