5 alternative comms tactics

Communications professionals need a suite of tactics in their toolkit and in today’s blog, I’m sharing some more obscure ones that might suit you or your clients. Promoting your cause or your brand, or having conversations with your community, is not all about media releases. Take a look at this list of 5 ideas below:

1. Letters to the editor

You don’t always need a news article to gain attention – the Letters pages of newspapers are still popular and may get you the attention and audience you’re after. Write a short, considered letter outlining your case. (Be prepared however for others to disagree with your letter and send in their own responses).

2. Ask a question at a conference

Official conference speakers aren’t the only one who can be in the spotlight. If you’re in the audience, look for a chance to stand during question time, introduce yourself, and ask a thoughtful question. When you take this opportunity, you have the floor and other audience members have a chance to see who you are. They may approach you later to introduce themselves and continue the conversation.  (Of course , you wouldn’t do this just for the sake of being seen – a frivolous question can damage your reputation).

3. MC an event

Event organisers are often looking for trusted peers to volunteer to 1) MC an event 2) introduce a guest speaker 3) make a vote of thanks 4) moderate a panel. This can give you the opportunity to be mentioned in event promotional material, to introduce yourself to an important audience and to contribute to your sector and community.

You may not enjoy public speaking. Smaller roles – such as the vote of thanks – offer opportunities for you to gain experience and grow confident in front of audiences.

4. Join a committee or board

When you’re a member of a committee or board, you may be presented with more opportunities to 1) speak to the media (offering them a new, authoritative angle),  2) network within your industry 3) receive invitations to events and 4) participate in that committee/board’s own media releases and promotional events.

5. Be creative with job advertisements

On those occasions when you’re recruiting someone to your organisation, make the most of your job ad. Use the space to not only summarise the job role, but to tell people what your organisation does, perhaps sharing some of your history. This recent ad from the South Australian company Beerenberg is a good example:


Beerenberg job ad
Beerenberg job ad


Do you have a favourite, ‘more obscure’ communication tactic? Please share in Comments below.


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