A letter to break your heart

Some people make jokes about online dating. And some people make jokes about good old fashioned-printed letters (I’m looking at you, digi folk). So I was fascinated to hear about the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)’s Scam Disruption Project which brings these together, in an effort to “help protect the Australian community from relationship scammers”. It has been reported that the ACCC will “initially … Continue reading A letter to break your heart

The good source

Journalists aren’t the only professionals who require good sources. Professional communication managers need them, too. Whether you call your role “PR” or “media relations” or “corporate communications”, it’s impossible to have a highly successful comms program without having some input from others around you. I was reminded of the importance of this recently when I published the post “The To-Do List for Every New Corporate … Continue reading The good source