Announcing: A New Prakky


If you look back at the first posts of Prakkypedia, you’ll soon seen that this blog was very different in 2009.

Back then, the focus wasn’t exclusively social media and my topics ranged from visiting art galleries through to how iPods have changed our lives. While I did work in social media at that time, the blog was more personal and I was keen to know what it felt like to be a blogger. (That, and I’ve always loved writing).

I’m reflecting on the past because there’s a change coming …

I am ceasing ‘Prakky the social media consultant’ business to take on a new role with the Motor Accident Commission in South Australia. Please visit my official website to read the details. My business was going really well and I had a lot of stellar clients; but when you talk ‘social media 101’ day in and day out, your energy for the topic can expire!

If you just take a glance at MAC’s YouTube channel you’ll be reminded of the outstanding work it has done over the years and I can’t wait to join the team.

Use social media to remind people what you do

This leaves me with Prakkypedia.

What next, here?

As I said at the outset, this blog has survived in a number of guises. I also created a new more personal blog earlier this year, MickyMedia.

I don’t have the answer yet. I might continue this blog, only broaden its focus to more communication topics (something I’ve already been doing occasionally). I might combine it with MickyMedia. I might abandon them both … but I hope I don’t. What do you think?

Thank you for being a reader, a subscriber, a supporter. I hope to continue reading your posts and hope you’ll keep in touch with me. More of my social links below:

Oh, and wish me luck, updating all of my social media bios!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason Neave says:

    Nice post Michelle – and congrats on the new gig at MAC. What’s the role? Cheers Jason

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks Jason – it’s Corporate Communications and Policy Manager. More details on my official website here:

  2. Congrats, my lovely. My opinion on the blogs? I think you should keep this one going at least, and just blog with whatever you want to, sort of go back to how it was when you started – a reflection of your personal and professional life at the time. You can just write about whatever you feel compelled to write about. You love writing, and we love reading whatever you write!

    Can’t wait to hear a bit about the new job in your next blog post 😉

  3. Gary Lum says:

    All the best in the new direction Michelle. I hope it all goes really well.

    1. Prakky says:

      Thank you Gary.

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