It’s baa-aack! Socialnomics clip shares new numbers

Hello readers.

If you have been in the audience of a social media seminar or two, chances are you would have seen an Eric Qualman social media video.

Back in 2010 when I started speaking on the topic of social media, I remember the first Qualman clip being a big hit on the conference circuit – but it didn’t take long before those in the industry began to shudder whenever they heard the opening bars. It was simply overused, being featured in almost any forum where social media was a topic.

Whether you’ve tired of the concept or not, Eric Qualman has continued to share updated versions. You can watch the latest one below:

I can’t say it’s necessarily full of factual information (the 6 second Vine is the new 30 second commercial? Mmm, in whose world?) It also rehashes the Oreo cookie Superbowl stunt (which with our rapidly-evolving content cycle is now old news. Ironic much?) Source data for the statistics in the video is available in the book Socialnomics, see

Where the clip will be useful is for presenters who want to share a slick grab-bag of concepts with audiences who are still relatively new to digital and social media. And in my opinion, their numbers are dwindling …

For nostalgia’s sake, you can see the first Qualman social media clip below. For some reason, his YouTube channel has the Refresh version, not the original. But still. Right here, right now …

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