Do you change how you use Twitter depending on time of day?

I reckon I use Twitter differently in the evenings compared to during my working day. I decided to ask some of my Twitter friends if they did the same.

Here’s the question I posed and the answers they kindly shared with me …

Question:  Do you change how you use Twitter depending on the time of day? Explain.

Jessie Morris :  I would say that I do use Twitter differently during the day than at night, but perhaps not intentionally.

Jessie Morris
Jessie Morris

Being in the office during the day and immersed in ‘work mode’ means that I instinctively tweet with a more ‘professional’ angle, sharing articles relevant to the digital and food marketing space, finding and following relevant journalists, bloggers, retailers or suppliers, scanning hashtag conversations like #SAFood and #socadl.

At night, I tend to be in a more relaxed frame of mind, so often engage in more banter, share links to things I find personally interesting or funny or follow hashtags for television shows I might be watching.

Jenny Clift:  The only time I consider timing my Tweets is when I tweet links to blog posts I’ve written for I usually send them out first thing on a Monday or a Tuesday and I also post to LinkedIn. Otherwise it’s a free-for-all because my Twitter account is a personal one.

Most of my Twitter engagement is during a weekday when I’m sitting at my computer and pop by every now and then. I try to stay away from Twitter if I’ve had a few drinks too because I can be more spontaneous and lose my usual filter.

I have observed friends in the same(ish) timezone change their Twitter usage after hours, eg more tweets about social events, or comments on TV shows they’re watching.

Dan Popping : Naturally being a ‘night owl’ I find I use Twitter much more at night than I do during the day.

It’s interesting to note (that on my Twitter feed), the day crowd feels different to the ‘night crowd’ with less personal related tweets at night and more tweets/posts from the international peeps I follow.

As I mainly use Twitter for personal use I’m not necessarily focussed on the reach of my tweets, so I don’t usually worry about if I post at day or night. However when I do have something important to say (or want a larger reach eg to promote something or a work related one – I try and make sure I post during the day).

On weekdays, very late at night (or early in the morning) when I am still up and have something to say, I’m wary of the potential impact this may have on my professional reputation especially with my work colleague followers who may think I don’t get enough sleep and therefore can’t function properly the next day. I’m guess I’m just one of those people who don’t need lots of sleep.

Belinda Scott : [Biz accounts] Generally morning tweets are a little more light-hearted to ease into the day, provide helpful tips and resources as followers scan their feeds for useful info to read and retweet. I also check our feed for interesting content to retweet or comment on. From lunchtime through to 2ish, I tend to reverse that role and scan the accounts we follow and read in more detail for relevant retweets and pose questions to begin conversations throughout the afternoon.  Afternoon is best for stakeholder/community meetings updates or the did you know? Fast facts etc.

Belinda Scott
Belinda Scott

[Personal] – Morning (first wake up) is scanning my feed, retweeting interesting/entertaining content and reading the day’s news and current affairs . I’m often doing some form of exercise first thing most mornings so it’s often a discussion around fitness of some variety.  En route to work via bus is a great way to catch up on social media activity and engaging with my fav tweeps about what’s happening in their world.

Lunchtime I like to read ‘what’s happening around Adelaide’ kind of tweets to ensure I’m across both personal and professional development opportunities. This is also when I would tweet about an event I’m attending that evening and/or do any additional research in the lead up to the event to ensure I have to correct # and @ and get a snapshot of other attendees (networking is all about preparation especially via social media ).

Afternoon I am mostly engrossed in work so I tend to be less active in the arvo but en route home via bus is when I catch up on afternoon updates and news.

Andrew Coulson : Yes and No. I have actually been praised for the way I use Twitter linked to my role in Community Engagement, how amongst the worky tweets sharing best practice, blog posts and ideas I also show that I have a personal side with pictures of sunsets, comments about sport and the ups and downs of city life. This will happen throughout the day and night however sometimes I will re-hash a general work based tweet again later in the day because of the different audiences I pick up as night turns to day in the UK/US where I know I have another set of people following and may benefit from something I had mentioned earlier in Australia’s daylight hours.

Tom Williamson : The short answer is ‘yes’ … I can basically break my Twitter usage into three sections: morning, work and free time.

Morning: when I first wake up, Twitter is part of my clumsy morning routine of checking social platforms, emails and shopping apps (yes, I’ve bought furniture within 10 minutes of waking up, it was a bargain – what of it?). I tend to look at Twitter lists I’ve created to find out what happened overnight; exciting links, hashtags that exploded, general chit-chat between mates, etc… Then I check who mentioned me and it’s 50/50 whether I reply or not – sometimes I wait until my brain has engaged later in the day. On the rare occasion I tweet first thing in the morning, it’s almost always directed at someone I’m exercising with or meeting for breakfast in the imminent future.

Tom Williamson on Twitter
Tom Williamson

Work: I spend large portions of my day community-managing multiple social media platforms for clients, this leaves little time to pay attention to my own Twitter account. At most, I will monitor it and respond to the odd tweet directed at me. During my down time (waiting to cross the road, in a cab, waiting for a meeting), I might tweet something that comes to mind but it is rarely insightful and generally provides me with enough entertainment to pass the time.

Free time: This is my evenings and weekends. The time when I believe I’m at my wittiest. When I’m wanting to share what I’m cooking, where I’m going, sights I’ve seen, who I’m with, etc.

I use Instagram to push photos to Twitter and will sometimes push the odd run or bike ride to Twitter via Strava. I’m more conversational, happy to start conversations and jump in when I believe I can add value. It’s during these times that I monitor less, I pay less attention to trends and Twitter lists and focus on there here and now in my world.

This is the brief summary paragraph to draw my section to a close and talk about which section of Twitter usage I enjoy the most. I enjoy my free time the most; I feel like I add the most value to my community at this time. I know my Twitter usage has changed over the three or four years I’ve been active. I look forward to reading this in 12 months time.

Alex Croker : I do use Twitter differently at different times of the day.

In the morning I tend to use Twitter to update myself on news and current affairs through news lists. I will also often check an Adelaide list to see what the local twitter personalities are up to – maybe sending a tweet or two just to check in with some people if they are up to something unusual.

In the afternoon I tend to just browse Twitter to see what is happening – maybe check a hashtag or two if they are current such as #AdlFringe. In the evening I try to stay away from Twitter a little bit – however, if I am using it I often just use it to chat with friends.

[ps, check out Alex’s new YouTube channel]

So now I’ll ask you the question: do you use Twitter differently at different times of the day?

Please share in the comments below.

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