Making your own Facebook cover: amazing free tools

Recently I’ve been trying out some online tools that enable you to easily create Facebook cover images.

As many of you would know, cover images are that big slab of real estate at the top of your Facebook page. Once upon a time, Facebook ruled over them with a set of terms and conditions to rival your insurance papers. You weren’t allowed to have more than 20% text in there, you weren’t allowed to have calls to action or telephone numbers and so on. Now, those restrictions have been thrown away but it’s still nice to have some standards for your cover. After all, it makes the big first impression when people look at your Facebook business page.

My own Facebook fans recommended Canva to me. It’s sensational. Head over there to look at all the templates you have to choose from, beginning by choosing the Facebook template. All the measurements have been taken care of for you.

Choosing the Facebook template in Canva
Choosing the Facebook template in Canva

Then you’ll see a wealth of ready-made beauties to choose from. If you’re cautious about using the same thing too many others have used (like me) there are a lot of ways you can tailor your Canva-made cover to look different. This includes changing the colour background.

Sample Canva designs
Sample Canva designs

Canva allows you to drag in your own images and overlay with text, which you can also reformat and manipulate.

Prior to using Canva, I’d been enjoying PicMonkey. I initially used PicMonkey to make my own meme-like images. I say meme-like because they weren’t funny and they weren’t viral … but they were another, creative way to communicate a message on Facebook. I found that with PicMonkey I could easily drag in an image from my PC and overlay it with text. I  made the image below after I took a photo at Monarto Zoo that made me giggle:


PicMonkey also lets you start out by choosing the Facebook cover template.

Choosing the Facebook cover template in PicMonkey
Choosing the Facebook cover template in PicMonkey

You then get a wealth of editing options, ranging from filters (like the Instagram world) through to background effects, colours and text formatting. Again, you can draw in your own images.

Some design choices in PicMonkey
Some design choices in PicMonkey

Both Canva and PicMonkey are relatively straightforward to use, although I found Canva to be slightly more intuitive.

The good folk at Bufferapp recently published a blog post about more ways to make engaging images for social media posts  I recommend you read that article too.

Of course, the best cover image I’ve had was created by my graphic designer and brand manager Melba Gounas of blank studio. Sometimes it’s good to leave things to the professionals, right? Thanks Melba! See her professionalism below:

A Prakky Facebook cover by blank studio
A Prakky Facebook cover by blank studio

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  1. Social Media Wallflower says:

    Again, thanks for another Prakkitical post.

  2. Robert Jones says:

    Adding to this article, we’ve written a guide to the possibility’s of advertising your Facebook cover once it’s created! Hope this helps!

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