Fun Twitter accounts to follow

For a long time on Twitter, if you wanted to recommend another Twitter account to others you’d participate in #FF (follow Friday).

Some people still use #FF but it’s largely fizzled out. This post is a bit of an #FF for a few fun accounts that were recommended to me recently. (If you see your recommendation below – thank you!)

These accounts are imaginative, silly and in some cases fascinating. Above all, they will put a smile on your face. We know that Twitter is a great platform for breaking news, supporting causes and quick conversations. But it’s also a great platform for creative accounts that reflect people’s talent and quirky sense of humour.

FacesPics shares that extraordinary pastime that you might have enjoyed when you were a child – noting the ‘faces’ that appear in ordinary objects. See the samples below:

Closely related, Half Pics shares images of things which have been halved. Does it have a YouTube channel, I wonder?

I like UberFacts but I was sceptical. So many Twitter accounts would share silly facts – was UberFacts doing the same thing? But reading a few articles about the man behind the account, it seems he does a lot of research into the information he shares. This makes UberFacts fascinating indeed:


I’m not a cat person, but you can’t deny that cats rule the interwebz. The very cute Emergency Kittens  account shares the sweetest fluffy images to brighten your day:


Real Carrot Facts has been around for a while and if you can get past the typos (intended?) its tweets will make you laugh:


Now, the next account is not the most scintillating account- you wouldn’t be checking in every day – but you might follow Count Von Count just for the sheer silliness and to give a nod to the creator:

Count von  Count on Twitter
Count von Count on Twitter


Boringtweets celebrates what Twitter is sometimes derided for. It publishes mundane tweets (and many people who aren’t on Twitter imagine that is what it is all about). It has the perverse effect of tempting me to tweet more mundane aspects of my life. Just because I can.


My own favourites?

KimKierkegaardashian is a wonderful mashup of celebrity Kim Kardashian and Danish philosopher Kierkegaard. Just read through some of its brilliant tweets below:


Brilliant Ads is fun in particular if you work in the comms industry. It reminds me of some good Pinterest accounts where marketing professionals have collated inspirational ideas they’ve come across.

And I also enjoy Norman Reedus’s Twitter account – primarily used for sharing Instagram photos. He stars in The Walking Dead. Granted, it’s a “celebrity” account. That could be the topic for another day …

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for these recommendations! I’m always looking for new accounts to check out.

    Also, a post about celebrities on Twitter would be awesome. I imagine that it’ll be a multiple-part series, though – there’s so much to talk about 🙂

    1. Prakky says:

      Cheers Simone, glad you liked them.

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