Social media: what’s the next big thing?

Today I’m sharing the latest episode of Business Agenda SA (see clip below) and my segment, New Media Jungle.

Business Agenda SA is an Adelaide-produced show featured on Channel 9 on Saturday afternoons. It’s hosted by Cameron England and Belinda Heggen and features a range of fascinating business stories and guests.

In this episode I tackle one of the questions I’m sometimes asked by my audiences when it comes to social media: “What’s the next big thing?”

Watch the clip to hear my views (my segment begins at 19 minutes).  I’d love to hear any comments you have below.


Please head to the official Business Agenda SA website to see more episodes and learn about the program, produced by the talented team at Red Bikini. You can also follow Business Agenda SA on Facebook or Twitter.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree! Hard to keep track of your day to day business without spending extra time on another social media fad, trying to create imaginary network circle instead of clientele! I’m struggling just with Facebook without everything else for business…..

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