Facebook photo inspirations part 2


Following on from a post I wrote last year on Facebook photo inspirations, I thought I’d share some more this week.

As you’d be aware, images stand out in the Facebook newsfeed and can really bring your business page’s status updates to life. Look for opportunities to share your stories with an image. [Stick with me and I’ll share some photo ideas later in this article].

Whether they are currently being penalised in tweaks to Facebook’s Edgerank is another debate, but for today, let’s enjoy looking at what some pages do with imagery which sets the scene for their brand and Facebook community:

Australia’s well known ice cream treat, Bubble O’Bill, has a high-profile Facebook  page, being amongst those Australian pages with the most fans.  For a long time, the page has been using nostalgia to engage followers:

Bubble O'Bill Facebook page image
Bubble O’Bill Facebook page image

It also uses its very recognisable ice cream shape to insert itself into classic images such as this (note the level of Shares and other interactions in the examples used in this post):

Bubble O'Bill Facebook page image
Bubble O’Bill Facebook page image

All of this makes for easy-to-interact-with images that inspire fans to ‘like’. Importantly, the images also remain on-brand, reminding us of the characteristics of this longstanding Aussie treat.

The Louie The Fly page uses a similar treatment for its mascot –  as an insect spray company, when you have an iconic critter like this at your disposal, it certainly helps for more creative imagery. Even better, when you can insert it into current events and interests:

Louie the Fly Facebook page
Louie the Fly Facebook page

But you don’t need a mascot or cartoon character to make Facebook images work for you.

The Supre Australia Facebook page shares very clever images which encourage sharing and tagging amongst its target audience. The images, memes and quotes may not appeal to you, but to the young girls who shop at Supre, they’re spot-on. There’s a good mix of ‘just because’ imagery to motivate sharing and boost engagement:

Supre Facebook page
Supre Facebook page

Supre also regularly posts images of what it’s all about – the merchandise. But note: even with product shots, the page is seeking comments and encouraging conversation.

Supre Facebook page
Supre Facebook page

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Delving into a different realm – politics – the Facebook Page for  Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard offers interesting ideas for image use.

As well as the obligatory photos of the Prime Minister out and about with the Australian public, the Facebook page shares infographics putting across its view of its achievements. These are excellent props for its supporters to share on Facebook, also giving them ammunition for detractors or stats to share around their next BBQ:

Julia Gillard PM Facebook page
Julia Gillard PM Facebook page

You might call this propaganda. Someone else might call this darn handy.

Finally, Australian Bananas on  Facebook simply uses its iconic fruit in all sorts of situations to remind fans of the ‘power of the banana’ like this:

Australian Bananas Facebook page
Australian Bananas Facebook page

But it also inserts the banana into current affairs, so to speak:

Australian Bananas Facebook page
Australian Bananas Facebook page

Again, this makes it easy for fans to Like, Share and generally maintain a connection to the Facebook page and ultimately, the healthy “eat bananas instead of donuts” type messages the page is sharing.

A balancing act

The examples above all tread that fine line between engaging fans and supporting their business goals. You can post a thousand pictures of fluffy animals and get a lot of engagement, but if you’re not in the fluffy animal business, it does you no good. If you have a business imperative for using Facebook, make sure you’re supporting that with the photos and status updates you share – if not all the time, then at least some of the time.

Having trouble thinking of photo ideas? Take photos of:

  • Your employees at work. Share images and stories from your chef / receptionist / managing director / winemaker / leading hand / interns. You might have a particularly camera-happy staff member to feature in most. Use them as a mascot of sorts.
  • Your products and how they can be used; your products being modelled by customers or staff.
  • Your location and surroundings. Is it raining on your street today? How does the sun look on the vineyard? Is there a stunning sports car in the hotel car park? Has a new coffee cart parked outside the office today?
  • When you’re at a conference or work trip. Take images of people who are there, speakers, slides and the location.
  • Your desk and quirky items on  it. Just make sure there’s nothing confidential or embarrassing in the background!
  • Pets around the workplace or a mascot.
  • Customers – working with you, or showing off your product.

Have you seen a Facebook Page that shares particularly clever images? Share the links in Comments below.

Reminder: my next Facebook for Business class is on Wednesday 16 May.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Thanks for these inspirations Prakky! They are a good reminder that a facebook page needs to be chatty – visuals can be so informal and fun. With time I had lost the fun. Nice booster! Philippa

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks Philippa, hope it helps.

  2. Amanda says:

    Another great post. I got a lot of really good ideas from it. Thanks 🙂

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks Amanda!

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