6 ways to find who to follow on Twitter


One of the early tasks of any new Twitter account is to find other accounts to follow.

You might be using Twitter for personal reasons or for business purposes. Either way, you’d probably benefit from finding Twitter accounts of interest to you, which share tweets you’d enjoy reading, and participate in topics you’d like to know more about.

This can be daunting to a  Twitter newcomer but in fact, finding others to follow is easy. It just takes an investment of time.

Twitter does provide you with suggested accounts to follow when you first sign up. Sadly, these can often be irrelevant to you (after all, Twitter doesn’t know you well yet) and sometimes United States and celebrity-centric. Over time, Twitter continues to serve up suggestions for Who To Follow (see the screenshot from twitter.com below) and these can be valuable, as they’re based on your current Twitter network. (If you follow Joe, Twitter might suggest you also follow Jane because Joe follows her. If you follow me … )

'Who to follow' suggestions on Twitter
‘Who to follow’ suggestions on Twitter

But that aside, you can take matters into your own hands.

Here are my top six tips on how to find interesting accounts to follow:

  1. Do an advanced search for topics that interest you, perhaps including the location of the Twitter account. For example, ‘wine’ near ‘Adelaide’ , or ‘football’ near ‘Melbourne’,  or ‘science’ in ‘Australia’.
  2. Look at one of your favourite tweeters: who do they talk to most?
  3. Look at one of your favourite Twitter accounts: who also follows them?
  4. Look at your favourite hashtags: who is contributing the most?
  5. If you’re in business, look at a competitor’s following and conversations: who could you follow?
  6. Look at Twitter Lists: are there lists you could follow, as a whole, or individual list members you could follow?

Remember, your Twitter experience is what you make it. It’s worth spending time finding great accounts to follow, which helps turn Twitter into perhaps the best information and entertainment subscription you’ve ever had.

Of course, don’t forget to follow me! https://twitter.com/Prakky

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