Review: youngest tries Alienware gaming


Okay, so I have two gamer sons in the house. And a gamer husband.

All three enjoy laptop gaming and were super-stoked when Alienware lent us a trial M17x recently. Previously, my eldest son shared his review and now it’s my youngest son’s turn.

Youngest Son enjoying Alienware's M17x laptop
Youngest Son enjoying Alienware’s M17x laptop

Like the rest of the family, he was delighted and surprised by the attractiveness of the laptop when we opened its box. It’s large, it’s heavy, and the design is streamlined so it looks kind of futuristic – and that  colourful keyboard with its raised keys is impressive, plus the handy video and sounds console near the screen.

It looks fantastic on any desk (we had the red model and apparently it also comes in black or silver). It provided a fast gaming experience and the sound is great, too.

Younger Son enjoyed the large bright screen which brought to life his favourite games and spaces like Minecraft, Orks Must Die 2 (as of course they must) and dabbling in computer skill and maths games online via the Kahn Academy.

To be honest, he doesn’t necessarily prefer laptop gaming to any other formats and has owned the lot – from Wii through to DSi. He was also just plain happy to have another available laptop in the house to choose from, which avoided arguments for a few months! Thanks Alienware! But he agrees it’s the best laptop he’s experienced.

You can join the Alienware discussion on Facebook or look up specs and prices at the official Alienware website.

We give Alienware: the thumbs up
We give Alienware: the thumbs up

ps. We weren’t paid to write our reviews, but did of course have a loan of an Alienware laptop to help us share the experience.

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