Instagram or Pinstagram? Who does it better?

So, Instagram has finally given users a way to view their photo feed on its official website.

But why bother?

I’m a big fan of Instagram and have been using it for a long time. I visit the app daily and share my own photos regularly.

But the new site has disappointed me. Especially when I compare it to Pinstagram, a site which was developed to fill the gap in Instagram’s offering on the internet. See for yourself in the examples below. Which layout do you prefer?

Prakky's Instagram feed on web
Prakky’s Instagram feed on web
Prakky's Instagram feed via Pinstagram
Prakky’s Instagram feed via Pinstagram  on the web

And note that the screenshot of my Instagram feed above was taken after reducing my screen size to 50%. Usually, it would show only one image (and probably a partial image at that).

Both sites give me the ability to like an Instagram picture and to comment. So why on earth would I ditch Pinstagram, when its layout is so much more attractive and offers more at a single glance?

What do you think?

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  1. Gary Lum says:

    I like the Instagram site because it is the easiest way to grab the image URL so I can insert images into my WordPress blog. It’s now the most consistent method I use for inserting images into my blog.

  2. Prakky says:

    Good idea Gary: as I’ve mentioned in my related post, I love Instagram for its ability to give us attractive images to use elsewhere.

  3. Prakky says:

    Note: other readers have said (via Twitter) that they enjoy Statigram too. Make sure you check it out. It gives a sensational view of Instagram, including statistics and competitions that you can join.

  4. Matt Watson says:

    Interesting – I’d not come across pinstragram before – I’m going to check it out (quite a big fan of instagram). There’s also the new kids on the blog – vine and gifboom.. will the ‘gram’ soon be ‘grammy’

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