The New Year’s Resolution Train …

It’s 27 December and many people are starting to focus on New Year’s resolutions.

I’m not a big fan of making resolutions just because a new year is approaching, but I understand why they’re popular.  A new year provides a psychological ‘line in the sand’ for us and I think it’s as good a time as any to rethink your life and ponder what you might aim for over the next 12 months.

Prakky - New Year's photo 2010/11. Pic by Rebecca Mezzino.
Prakky – New Year’s photo 2010/11. Pic by Rebecca Mezzino.

For me, when January approaches I always feel positive and invigorated. No doubt that’s on the back of a Christmas period away from work and some weeks in the summer sun. However I don’t vow to diet or exercise or ‘give something up’.

What I tend to do is focus on my career and ongoing education and think about how I can take things up a notch. I get a kick of adrenalin and ambition. And that probably sounds like utter wank, but I tell you what: I can’t stop it.

I’ve recognised my January kick and now I try to ride that wave. Why fight it, right?

It does remind me of the scene from Hitch where Kevin James dances for Will Smith and warns him “you can’t stop this .. you cannot stop this”.

It’s exactly how I feel! With less hip swaying. [Fast forward to 2:10 of the YouTube clip below if you don’t have time to enjoy it all.]

Need an example of what I’m talking about?

I will write a new PR plan and outline some communication ideas for 2013. Lots of businesses have plans but  many don’t have a communications plan. This lists what we’re about (our key messages) and our target audience or clients, and how we’re going to get to them (the channels: enewsletters, blogs, traditional media, lunches etc).

I’ll also be looking at my current client list and thinking about how I can provide them with more services and ideas. And brainstorming a list of organisations to approach for new work in 2013.

What about you? How do you feel when January rolls around?

Upcoming post: Things you can do for your digital profile in 2013.

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  1. robynverrall says:

    Great way to approach the New Year, I don’t resolve to do anything either, I like to set myself up to succeed not feel failure for unachievable goals. A Dr recently said to me after saving my life (literally) “it didn’t matter how you got here (to hospital – I was desperate and drove myself) it was a successful outcome, congratulations you did the best you could with the information at hand.” I will borrow your ideas and mix it with his statement use this to write my business communication plan, do you have any suggestions for time management once this has been written? 🙂

    1. Prakky says:

      Hi Robyn, thanks for reading this.

      I think the comms plans itself helps with time management, because you can see tasks well in advance. For example, if you’ve got an enewsletter due at the end of the month, begin writing it the week beforehand. If you an event approaching, write promotional material a month in advance and send out a news release to suit whatever traditional media outlet you’re aiming for coverage from. Another thing that helps with time management is to have a ‘company description’ or elevator pitch that you use again and again. Also have templates for your news releases, fact sheets, enewsletters etc that you can simply write over. Good luck!

  2. Vincent says:

    I’ve been thinking of a few, like daily exercise. My larger goal though is to simplify my life. I’ve taken on so many projects over the last that I feel swamped and feel I am not able to put 100% effort into all of them. So I am letting go of some to allow more time and effort to put into the rest.

    I usually take the last week of the year to reflect on the year, to access my successes and failures. This means going over web analytics and social media stats to determine which of my efforts were most successful. I also go through the past year’s calendar summarising each month. It not only makes me more aware of my accomplishments and gives satisfaction with the realisation of what has been achieved but also really helps plan the next year.

    1. Prakky says:

      Hi Vincent, thanks for commenting. That sounds like a good tack to take – looking back over the year before making the next year’s plans. Good luck with it all.

  3. I like having a “Theme” for each year.

    Last year it was “Acceptance” (going with the flow, being at peace with what I have and where I am, not fighting against the universe) and this year it’s “Closing the loop”, which essentially means I’ll be aiming to finish what I start, whether it be a small task (putting my makeup on and then putting it away before I leave the bathroom) or a large task, like some work projects.

    (ps – I love Hitch!)

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