What I tell my children about Facebook

I guess this happens in most professions …

I work in social media. My children aren’t interested in social media.

That hasn’t stopped me from giving them a few words of advice – about Facebook in particular, which is where most of their friends are congregating. We know that Facebook can be great for connecting friends and families, however it can also be a pit of cyberbullying and anxiety (for all ages).

Below: “Cyberslap” from the Australian Government’s Cybersmart YouTube channel.

Here’s what I’ve told my sons:

  • Some people type mean things into Facebook.
  • Just because you’ve read it on Facebook, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
  • If someone writes something mean about you, don’t let it worry you (and tell your  parents).
  • Don’t feel pressured into having hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends. They won’t be your real friends. It’s cooler to have just a few dozen friends who you know.
  • Words can lose context and meaning online. Someone can say ‘you’re  a poo poo head’ and it may sound mean, whereas they may in fact be saying that in an affectionate voice!

What have you told your kids about Facebook  or social media in general?


Facebook Safety Centre


Cybersmart YouTube channel

5 thoughts on “What I tell my children about Facebook

  1. My rules for my 15 year old are, do not accept a friend request of someone you don’t know, no adult friends unless they are family members and always remember that once it’s online it is there for ever (in addition to what you’ve written of course 🙂 )

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