How social media helps at Christmas time

Social media platforms are sometimes criticised for enabling people to easily ‘stalk’ others.

But if that’s the case, it’s makes it immensely easy to find Christmas present ideas for your friends and family!

Sure, you could ask them what they want, but a surprise gift that demonstrates your knowledge of their tastes and interests will surely impress.

So jump online and check out:

  • What they’re listening to online
  • The brands or charities they like on Facebook
  • Their favourite authors on Goodreads
  • What they’re watching via Miso or Get Glue checkins
  • The celebs they follow or interact with online
  • The channels they subscribe to on YouTube
  • The sporting apps they tweet with
  • The things they’re loving on Pinterest

This can reveal the merchandise, tunes, DVDs, books, donations and more that might put a smile on their face.

Grumpy Christmas cat
Grumpy Christmas cat

You might want to grab something more tailored and rare: like something from Etsy, or a t-shirt from Redbubble that captures something you’ve enjoyed together, or their favourite catch phrase.

Or, if you’ve got social media photos of yourselves (especially on Instagram) together from good times this year, try printing them out as a gift using something like Prinstagram, Kanvess,  Mosaic or Canvaspop (note that some are US based and there will be delivery times involved!)

If nothing else, don’t forget that a simple “I dig you. Merry Christmas!” tweet can be treasured.

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