Hashtag champions

Hashtags make life easier on Twitter.

I’ve written about them several times before [see Hashtags Mean Business and Conference Hashtags] but today I’m tackling the issue of how you get a hashtag to stick. After all, there’s millions of tweets being shared every minute and there’s a lot of competition for space and attention.

The most successful hashtags have a champion – particularly long term hashtags. That is, someone who cares about its longevity and correct use.

This person may be someone who has created the hashtag (often for a campaign or ongoing conversation) or someone who has recognised an existing hashtag’s potential and importance, and wants to nurture it.

Mikyla Gilbert
Mikyla Gilbert

Someone who has nurtured a hashtag is Adelaide Hills Magazine Publishing Editor Mikyla Gilbert. She answered three questions for me about the #Adelhills hashtag which she steers:

1. Why does the #Adelhills hashtag matter?

It is important to establish and be part of social media online communities when using social media. The #Adelhills hashtag was set up to separate tweets about happenings, events and information about the Adelaide Hills region from the general, and very busy #Adelaide hashtag. As a media outlet in the region @AdelHillsMag (Adelaide Hills Magazine) just checking the #AdelHills hashtag stream enables us to keep across news and happenings in the region easily. I know of several other media outlets who also regularly check the #AdelHills hashtag for tweets/news leads. As a community we can have conversations using this hashtag that are just related to our community and makes for easy follow.

2. Were there other hashtags ‘competing’ or confusing the #Adelhills hashtag? If so, what were they? The other hashtags used by tweeters regarding the Adelaide Hills region are; #AdlHills, #AdelaideHills or #Adelaide #Hills  – the best thing about the #AdelHills hashtag is that it is smaller than the obvious #AdelaideHills tag, but by ensuring we use the #Adelhill with the E and not the #adlhills hashtag it is more closely related to #adelaide.

3. What sort of things did you do, to ensure #Adelhills was widely and appropriately used?

I always use the #AdelHills hashtag. I monitor the other hashtags used and also search for Adelaide Hills and other words like Hahndorf etc and politely ask Tweeters tweeting about the Adelaide Hills to remember to use the #AdelHills hashtag. I also retweet Adelaide Hills tweets using the correct hashtags.

Thanks for sharing, Mikyla!

For my own part, the hashtag I contribute to the most is #socadl. This steers social media conversations in Adelaide and is a really helpful community for those times you want to ask a question about social media or share the latest news. It mostly takes care of itself, but occasionally  it’s spammed and I let that account holder know what #socadl is about.

How do you take care of a hashtag? You can:

  • Search for similar hashtags and ask tweeters to use your hashtag too (or instead)
  • Find relevant conversations and retweet with your hashtag included
  • Remind people about the purpose of the hashtag if you see it being used inappropriately
  • Include the hashtag in your Twitter bio

Do you have any other hashtag tips to share?

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  1. Great tip to include # in bio. I try and nurture #WCHosp for @WCH_Foundation – and would like to take this opportunity to thank the person who recommended it 3+ years ago! Maybe they’ll remember who they were?

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