New digital resolutions

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, this post is all about “social media resolutions” – or what we can do to improve our digital experience in 2013. (So, to be clear. This post isn’t about resolving to see your parents more, to stop eating sugar, to tidy your room, stop reading Who magazine, to start watching Lateline, to grow all your own herbs, to … Continue reading New digital resolutions

Why I won’t be in the audience of the new Jack Reacher film

I’ve read a lot of great literature in my time. I say that to preface the fact that I’ve also read a lot of Lee Child in my time. There are occasions where I simply need to get a fix of good old blockbuster action, from predictable characters who I adore and who I know won’t let me down. Lee Child’s outstanding Jack Reacher character … Continue reading Why I won’t be in the audience of the new Jack Reacher film

The New Year’s Resolution Train …

It’s 27 December and many people are starting to focus on New Year’s resolutions. I’m not a big fan of making resolutions just because a new year is approaching, but I understand why they’re popular.  A new year provides a psychological ‘line in the sand’ for us and I think it’s as good a time as any to rethink your life and ponder what you … Continue reading The New Year’s Resolution Train …

What I tell my children about Facebook

I guess this happens in most professions … I work in social media. My children aren’t interested in social media. That hasn’t stopped me from giving them a few words of advice – about Facebook in particular, which is where most of their friends are congregating. We know that Facebook can be great for connecting friends and families, however it can also be a pit … Continue reading What I tell my children about Facebook

Hashtag champions

Hashtags make life easier on Twitter. I’ve written about them several times before [see Hashtags Mean Business and Conference Hashtags] but today I’m tackling the issue of how you get a hashtag to stick. After all, there’s millions of tweets being shared every minute and there’s a lot of competition for space and attention. The most successful hashtags have a champion – particularly long term … Continue reading Hashtag champions

How social media helps at Christmas time

Social media platforms are sometimes criticised for enabling people to easily ‘stalk’ others. But if that’s the case, it’s makes it immensely easy to find Christmas present ideas for your friends and family! Sure, you could ask them what they want, but a surprise gift that demonstrates your knowledge of their tastes and interests will surely impress. So jump online and check out: What they’re … Continue reading How social media helps at Christmas time

Socadl: 2012 in review

[Socadl = Adelaide’s social media community. Kind of like a tweet-up gang for people who are socmedia enthusiasts]. Yes, this is Prakky’s blog. Socadl doesn’t have a blog space and Prakky organises most of Socadl: so, welcome! This month Socadl celebrated its third year on Twitter so it’s probably time for our first reflective post. Enjoy this year in review: Our first official event was … Continue reading Socadl: 2012 in review