Facebook photo inspirations

Looking for some content inspiration?

I thought I’d share some nifty ideas I’ve noticed on some Adelaide Facebook Pages.

As many of you would know, it can be tricky and time consuming to come up with new content ideas. Ideally, your content will make connections with your community. It will be relevant to them, sometimes entertaining, sometimes useful and sometimes inspirational.

It helps if you have a brand personality or brand persona that you can bring to life online. More on that in a later blog …

For now, here’s some great local brands that have found some rhythm and personality via images. (And – as we’re told again and again – Facebook fans seem to enjoy images, awarding them higher engagement rates than other post types).

The Highway Hotel and its roadside sign:

The Highway Hotel
The Highway Hotel uses its outdoor sign to communicate not just with drivers, but also its social media communities. It uses a combination of funny posts with marketing messages.
The Highway Hotel
This sign related to the local fun run, The City to Bay – a huge event in Adelaide that passes The Highway.

Defined Image (personal stylist) and Natalie’s daily outfit:

Defined Image
Natalie, a personal stylist, shares an image of what she’s wearing daily on her Facebook Page. It’s something for followers to expect and look forward to, gain inspiration from, and acts as a reminder of what Natalie offers.

Flinders University and “Trim the cat”

Trim the cat, Flinders University
Flinders University occasionally places ‘Trim the cat’ in spots around campus, usually to emphasise key university events or milestones – and to have some fun.
Trim the cat, Flinders University
Trim the cat enjoys Flinders University’s open day.

Do you have a visual prop on your premises or within your business, which may become a focus of your future images? Let me know if you try anything, or if you’ve seen similar interesting examples online.

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