An amaaaazeball post about your social media voice, guys!

Do you write g’day on your Facebook brand page or ‘good morning all’? Do you sign your posts ‘cheers’ or begin with ‘hey guys’? Do you tweet using kisses (xxx) or write #reallylonghashtagsthatarehardtoread? The language we bash out from our keyboards intrigues me – especially when it extends to the world of social media. It’s worth thinking about the language you use because it can … Continue reading An amaaaazeball post about your social media voice, guys!

Facebook photo inspirations

Looking for some content inspiration? I thought I’d share some nifty ideas I’ve noticed on some Adelaide Facebook Pages. As many of you would know, it can be tricky and time consuming to come up with new content ideas. Ideally, your content will make connections with your community. It will be relevant to them, sometimes entertaining, sometimes useful and sometimes inspirational. It helps if you … Continue reading Facebook photo inspirations

RUOK Target?

It’s no surprise that people can be cynical about brand-sponsored online communities, including Facebook Pages. This cynicism is neatly captured by the new Condescending Corporate Brand Page on Facebook which cleverly shares some of the ‘typical content’ you may see from corporate pages. People have been cynical about advertising and marketing for years and why should social media be any different? I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading RUOK Target?

Twitter and poetry

This is a piece I wrote for the SA Writers’ Centre newsletter. I thought some Prakkypedia readers might enjoy it: Twitter – the social media platform belittled as the broadcast tool of celebrities such as Shane Warne, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber – is so much more than inane short messages. And that includes being a hotspot for poetry. With each tweet limited to 140 … Continue reading Twitter and poetry

Facebook complaint or corporate responsibility cue?

Heard of corporate social responsibility? It’s a key plank in the PR world and is a concept that’s been around for many years. CSR involves the idea of businesses being proactive and doing more than just trying to avoid breaking the  law. It’s about contributing more than profits and employment opportunities and recognising the importance of supporting your local communities, the environment, your employees’ wellbeing … Continue reading Facebook complaint or corporate responsibility cue?

Social media: the new Complaints Department

Once upon a time, companies entered the social media universe hoping to talk about their terrific products and to find thousands of new customers. They placed their shiny new social media channels in the hands of eager (and perhaps nervous) marketing and communications teams. And they started working on lots of happy content to share. What they failed to recognise – and this is still … Continue reading Social media: the new Complaints Department

How we’ve celebrated the humble tree

This is a post that’s off-topic in terms of social media, but I felt compelled to share …  and if you stick with me,  I may just make it socially relevant. I heard author Andy Griffiths speaking about his latest book, The 26-Storey Treehouse, on radio this week and it got me thinking about legendary trees throughout our literature. Off the top of my head, … Continue reading How we’ve celebrated the humble tree