My social media wishlist

It’s not Christmas, it’s not even Christmas in July, but I have compiled a wishlist.

It’s a wishlist for changes to some of my favourite social media platforms. I’m not asking for major changes that will shake things up. My wishes are just little tweaks that would make my experience of these platforms more enjoyable. (And of course, I say ‘little tweaks’ as a non-coder who doesn’t have to work to make these things happen. Forgive me).

So here goes. I wish:

  • Hootsuite would send a tweet when I press ‘enter’ (rather than requiring me to click the send button)
  • Path would not require me to press both Save and Done to share an update
  • Instagram would have a ‘like’ for comments
  • LinkedIn would remove the subject line from its messages (90% of the messages sent to me have the subject line ‘hello’)
  • Twitter would allow the ability to ‘unfollow’ a conversation – like Facebook has. Think of how great it would be to opt out of copious #FF retweeting and thanks, or conversations that have taken a different tangent since you first took part. You’re hostage to the other tweeters!

I recently saw another wish, on a Facebook page I’m a fan of. This was for Facebook to enable us to edit status updates – giving us, say, a two minute window to correct errors. Now, wouldn’t THAT be great?

What are some of the little things you wish your favourite social media platforms would change?

11 thoughts on “My social media wishlist

  1. I don’t know if they have fixed it, but until now LinkedIn REALLY annoy me when you are forced to log in from an external site sending you to a LinkedIn page, THEN after login LinkedIn bumps you back to their homepage, not the link you wanted to go to! You have to go back to the email or site you came from and click again

  2. Oh, good list. Where would I start… one that comes to mind (because I’ve just had the issue) is that rather than just having “Today”, “Tomorrow”, then the days/dates for scheduled updates in Bufferapp, that it reminds you what day/date “Today” and “Tomorrow” are… sounds silly, but with everything moving so quickly I need reminding sometimes!

  3. My biggest gripe at the moment is facebook’s @ search function. As a page admin, i want to be able to personally mention someone in my reply to their comment on my post. Rarely does the search return the actual the commenter. Instagram has this down pat, so surely fb can too?

    1. This! I was trying to mention a local bakery who will be providing cupcakes for an upcoming event and the results were only for stores in the US. Very frustrating.

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