Facebook offers scheduled posts


For a long time, Facebook Page managers have wished for certain Facebook features that weren’t there.

Today, one of them has been released.

And that’s the ability to schedule a Facebook status update, so that it appears into the future.

Scheduling status updates is something that social media dashboards like Hootsuite have been able to give us for a long time. They’re very handy, but there are some dangers attached. For example, you can mischedule a status update quite easily and look silly. I must admit I’ve done that before, when a scheduled post has reminded people that an event is “ON TONIGHT!” when it’s in fact the following night. So you need to proofread the dates and times of your scheduled posts very carefully.

Also, there’s the danger that your scheduled post may become irrelevant or inappropriate in between the time you drafted it, and the time it’s sent. There’s an increased risk behind this if you schedule your post weeks or months into the future (and Facebook’s scheduled posts allow you to scheduled six months ahead).

I’ve given the new Facebook feature a try this morning and found the process a little clunky, as it slowly takes you through choices as you choose each one (month, day, hour, minute). See the graphic below (Facebook offered the year first, then the month, the day and so on):

Facebook scheduling posts window
Facebook scheduling posts window

This is in contrast to Hootsuite, for example, which lets you see all your schedule choices quickly in one window:

Hootsuite's scheduling window
Hootsuite’s scheduling window

I was relieved to see you can access and check your scheduled Facebook posts under your Page’s Activity Log. Again, I know from experience that you’ll want to recheck scheduled posts and perhaps change or cancel them:

Facebook scheduling: activity log
Facebook scheduling: activity log

Mashable has published an overview of the new feature which leads to another piece about its flaws  and here’s your Facebook Help Centre page to learn more.

Do you think you’ll be using scheduled Facebook posts?

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  1. David says:

    I was using Hootsuite to schedule but couldn’t get it to push images with the posts – my posts were showing just text. I use Sprout Social to schedule facebook posts because it does it so completely, and image inclusion is easy. Tx for notification re facebook scheduling, will give it a go

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks David. So you’re paying to use Sprout Social? Worth it?

      1. David says:

        No I use the free account, does scheduling and also good reporting – shows reach of social media that can easily explain to management

  2. Awesome news Michelle – thanks for sharing!

    1. Prakky says:

      My pleasure. Are you going to try it out?

  3. seascapesaus says:

    I don’t think I will use it but it might be fun to post a sort of time capsule to your own page, just for curiosity’s sake. A lot can happen in 6 months.

  4. David says:

    Prakky, my apologies, turns out I was using Sprout Social on trial and had forgotten – I have many trials at once! Happy to pay the $9 per month for the service though, especially ability to estimate social media reach – perhaps a good topic for a post? Reach vs Likes in the social sphere?

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