The worst things you can do with your Facebook business page

[This is a Social Media 101 post]

Does your business have a Facebook page? Are you guilty of any of the following?

  • Not responding to fan’s questions or comments
  • Not filling in all the biography fields available to you: your company overview, email, website address and so on
  • Not removing offensive posts (pornographic images, offensive language)
  • Not removing spam posts (posts from other pages that have no relevance to your community, often selling something, often posted on many other pages)
  • Not having a large cover image (If you have the Timeline layout)
  • Posting relentless sales/advertising posts
  • Not having any community guidelines posted. Here’s an example of community guidelines for Tourism Australia’s Facebook page (loaded in the Awards section of its biography):

    Tourism Australia Facebook guidelines
    Tourism Australia Facebook guidelines

Your Facebook business page requires regular attention and care. While the examples above are ‘sins’ you shouldn’t commit, there are many positive things you can do to maintain a great Facebook space. These include:

  • Posting updates regularly – and these updates should be of interest and relevance to your Facebook community. See this recent article from Facebook for engagement ideas
  • Having a conversation with your community. Thank them for their posts, ask them questions, answer their questions promptly.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips, Prakky. I’ve come to the realisation that Facebook is more important me than my website a lot of the time. Therefore, I am going to invest a lot more time ensuring my Page has all the information my network needs. I made a point by being “open” with the content of my website (e.g. actually featuring pricing information, as people want it, whereas most other websites that belong to businesses in my industry choose to surpress it), so that will translate to my Facebook Page.

    1. Prakky says:

      That’s fantastic, Kind Cleaner. I’m sure it’s scary to share your pricing, but your fans will appreciate it.

  2. Fantastic tips Michelle!

    90% of my bookings are made through my facebook business page via private message rather than my website, being honestly interested in your ‘likers’ is the key to good business.

    1. Prakky says:

      Facebook is doing great things for you Natalie, well done! You’ve got a knack for sharing what you do in an engaging way, so it’s no surprise.

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