Four Must-Do Comms Chats On Twitter


If you’re in the communications or social media field, you might enjoy the following list of regular Twitter hashtag conversations. I know I do!

They provide a rich source of social media tips, inspirations and news. They also connect you with great communicators around the world.

Beware, you may have to get up pretty early in the morning to participate live. But it’s worth it. If you do want to take part live, use the Time Convertor to help you schedule when you need to be online. Or simply catch up with the hashtag conversation later on. Like most good hashtags, these are contributed to during the week.

The list (in no particular order):

1.       #commschat
CommsChat is the home of Europe’s most popular communications conversation. CommsChat broadcasts at 20:00 Monday and 14:00 Wednesday (UK times)”. Co-founded by Emily Leary.

2.       #blogchat

Run via @BlogchatNews. ““News about #Blogchat, Sundays 8pm CT, and the latest posts from #Blogchat participants! Have a question about #Blogchat? Just ask! Managed by @Beth_Collier. On Twitter every Sun nite!” Its website has some great info on the purpose and etiquette around #blogchat.

3.       #smchat

Founded by @sourcePOV. “SMCHAT is a weekly Twitter Chat on social media, looking at new ways to network and collaborate as the paradigm continues to evolve.”

@commschat on Twitter
@commschat on Twitter

4.       #smochat

Founded by social media service Crowdbooster. “Let’s discuss lessons learned, successful tips, and how we optimized and achieved better results. Join our conversations on Twitter to learn from other like-minded professionals. This chat is hosted by @Crowdbooster, a social media optimization solution, in collaboration with @StanzaOne”.

Local social media tags
In Adelaide, we have the #socadl tag to corral social media conversations and occasionally have live conversations. It’s part of the @socadl community. We’re also home to the #npau chat hosted by @connectingup (Wednesday fortnightly at 3pm South Australian  time).

Do you have a favourite communications chat hashtag?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ben Teoh | hellobenteoh says:

    I’ve been meaning to check out #blogchat for a while. I also enjoy #MyBookClub, Peg Fitzpatrick who runs it always has interesting authors who write comms related books. Her last guest was Guy Kawasaki and it was good to see some of his comments on Google+

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