Twitter’s greatest romance? [Valentine’s Day special]

 Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d showcase Twitter’s most loving couple, Shane Warne and Liz Hurley.

Their Twitter discourse is affectionate, supportive and full of fun while they’re often on opposite sides of the globe from each other.

Warne tweet to Hurley
Warne tweet to Hurley
Warne tweet to Hurley
Warne tweet to Hurley
Hurley tweet
Hurley tweet

It’s a nicer experience than Ashton and Demi confirming their split on Twitter. And remember that time Russell Brand tweeted the picture of Katy Perry as she was just waking up?

Twitter has become the place for not only keeping up with celebrity news, but watching and waiting to see what celebrity couples will say post-split. There have been articles published revolving around that first ‘singleton’ tweet. It’s a bit sad, which is why it’s nice to have Warnie and Liz to keep us grinning. I wonder what they’ll be tweeting on Valentine’s Day?

Hurley tweet
Hurley tweet

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Johinke says:

    Ah, the apostrophe catastrophe! Love the song – hope it catches on.

  2. meg says:

    I know I shouldnt but I follow ‘shurley’ and they make me laugh.Their tweets are so cute and normal for a couple starting out in a new relationship.

    Who knows in 5 years time, it will be “you love that bloody poker game more than me” or “dont make me watch gossip girl reruns again!!!”

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