Play it again … cat.

I am not a cat person.

But I’ve watched Charlie Schmidt’s keyboard cat many, many times. It’s a YouTube clip that I share during social media presentations, during a mythbusters segment. I like to confront the social media cliches (which audiences also happen to enjoy – a lot) before demonstrating some other ways that social media is being used.

Haven’t seen the keyboard cat yet? See the clip below.

It’s garnered thousands and thousands of views – YouTube has many versions. There are also parodies, including the one below. (By the way, isn’t that the guy who plays Burger in Sex and the City?)

But all of this is an aside. What I like to remind clients is – don’t forget YouTube as a potential communications tool.

If you’ve made a company video or TV commercial, put it onto YouTube. If you have some knowledge  to share, it might be best done visually. Make a ‘how to’ video showcasing your expertise. ‘ How to videos’ thrive on YouTube and in fact channels such as Howcast are dedicated to the genre.

Or you might give regular updates to camera, treating YouTube like your own TV segment.  Examples include blogging expert Darren Rowse, aka Problogger. And spend time on YouTube finding and ‘favouriting’ other videos that your customers or target audience may appreciate.

One of my past clients took to social media with a passion and made a fantastic YouTube clip with FlickR images (after gaining permission from the photographers). His ‘Apostrophe Song’ clip became quite popular, with Stephen Fry tweeting about it, and the Huffington Post featuring it on its blog. If you have more viewing time up your sleeve, enjoy the clip below. Can you spot the apostrophe errors?

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