Quick hot tips for new Facebook Pages

So the new Facebook Timeline layout for Facebook Pages is available now. I opted in this morning and just wanted to quickly share a handy hint for Page managers who may be scratching their heads. Page managers now have a large Admin panel at the top of their page (which you can hide). This replaces the old ‘Edit page’ button we used to use to … Continue reading Quick hot tips for new Facebook Pages

Tweeting: how much is too much?

Well, 12 hours is too much! Quoted online recently, Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone responded to “claims that some users are finding Twitter addictive, and spending up to 12 hours each day logged into the platform. ‘To me, that sounds unhealthy,’ he said.” Hell yes! I’m sometimes asked “how much should I tweet”? There are no hard and fast rules – you bend social media to … Continue reading Tweeting: how much is too much?

PR and Social Media: cousins in conscience

I’m going back to school next week. Sounds  ominous, doesn’t it? But I won’t be behind a desk, I’ll be up front as a lecturer in public relations at the University of South Australia. Preparing for the role has had me hitting the books again. I haven’t pondered over PR theory for a long time, but revisiting some of PR’s evolution has had me thinking, … Continue reading PR and Social Media: cousins in conscience

Twitter’s greatest romance? [Valentine’s Day special]

 Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d showcase Twitter’s most loving couple, Shane Warne and Liz Hurley. Their Twitter discourse is affectionate, supportive and full of fun while they’re often on opposite sides of the globe from each other. It’s a nicer experience than Ashton and Demi confirming their split on Twitter. And remember that time Russell Brand tweeted the picture of Katy … Continue reading Twitter’s greatest romance? [Valentine’s Day special]

Play it again … cat.

I am not a cat person. But I’ve watched Charlie Schmidt’s keyboard cat many, many times. It’s a YouTube clip that I share during social media presentations, during a mythbusters segment. I like to confront the social media cliches (which audiences also happen to enjoy – a lot) before demonstrating some other ways that social media is being used. Haven’t seen the keyboard cat yet? … Continue reading Play it again … cat.

If social media was your lover

(Set to the tune of Damn, Wish I Was Your Lover – feel free to play the Sophie B Hawkins clip below as your reading soundtrack). With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’ve been pondering one of my loves (social media) and I couldn’t help but wonder* what social media sites have in common  with our past  romances. Twitter would be the girlfriend who: Bursts into the … Continue reading If social media was your lover