My big fat, not-so-secret news

I’m excited.

About lots of things. Including the Foo Fighters performing in Adelaide this Monday. And Christmas approaching. (Yes, I love Christmas).

But there’s something I’m even more excited about. SO EXCITED I AM MOVED TO USING CAPS WHICH I DON’T DO LIGHTLY.

Next week, I become Prakky, sole social media consultant.

For the past two years I’ve been working as social media consultant with Hughes PR, where I’ve had a fantastic time and worked with fabulous clients. Prior to that, I was Digital Content Manager with the South Australian Tourism Commission, managing websites and social media platforms there.

Now it’s time for me to do my own thing.

If you’re a Prakkypedia reader, you’re probably in one of these camps right now:

  1. Not surprised at my move
  2. Surprised at my move because you already thought I was a sole consultant
  3. Surprised that I’m a Foo Fighters fan

So, what now?

I’d like you to stay tuned for my business launch, including my new website and Facebook business page. (I am very much looking forward to managing my own Facebook business page.  Those of you who manage Pages for others know exactly what I mean. The freedom will be dizzying). I am looking forward to sharing my new brand look with you, too.

The Prakkypedia blog will continue so I hope you’ll stick around.

And of course .. tell your friends.

p.s. I called this post “not-so-secret” because the news has leaked to some people already. Because I told them.

20 thoughts on “My big fat, not-so-secret news

  1. Well done Michelle! Its been a long time since town hall xmas gig last year. I too have moved into office in the city. Its been a big year for us also. All the best with the new launch. Killa. Cheers Andrew

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