Big Day Out – Kanye Fix It?

One of Australia’s most popular annual music festivals, the Big Day Out, is receiving a backlash today after announcing that a drawcard for next year – Kanye West – will not appear in Adelaide or Perth.

BDO is trending on Twitter, and it’s not for the right reasons.

The BDO website provided this news for Adelaide:  “… the need to reduce from two to one main stage in Adelaide also means several acts from the first announcement will not be able to perform in Adelaide. Unfortunately The Living End, Mariachi El Bronx and Kanye West will not be appearing at the Adelaide Big Day Out and we thank them for their help, support and understanding.” And for Perth, it was the same story.

Well, there was little understanding online today.

And BDO’s absence from social media hasn’t helped.

@cka4 summed it up with her tweet below:

Not impressed
Not impressed

At the time of writing, BDO hadn’t tweeted for seven hours, and all previous tweets were announcements linking to its official page where the bad news was delivered. The details were not discussed on its Twitter page – and the name Kanye definitely wasn’t used.

Big Day Out’s Facebook page is the home of some venting, but again, the organisers themselves are remaining quiet.

What are BDO’s choices, from a public relations and social media point of view?

They could opt to engage with each and every complainant in ‘real time’ which may demonstrate they’re in touch, they care, and that they’re part of what’s happening today too. These posts could placate people – or incite them. If BDO took this route,  it could find that it is generating more conversation and spinning its wheels.

BDO could opt to be quiet and ride out the storm, letting the community vent online and then attempting to wrap up the issue with some summative posts tonight or tomorrow. They could offer fans an apology and perhaps a refund offer. It appears this is the route they are steering toward. (They may well be working behind the scenes now to decide how to deal with disgruntled ticket holders who don’t want to come to a BDO that doesn’t feature Kanye).

You know what else would be nice? Some words from Kanye on BDO’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ash Simmonds says:

    Kanye feel it?



  2. Penmonicus says:

    Absolutely agree about the Kanye bit. Everyone’s screaming that BDO is ‘screwing over Adelaide’, but no-one’s complaining that Kanye hasn’t come out and offered to do the show for free for all his fans.

    Should Kanye perform for free? Absolutely not.
    But should BDO pay him a crapload of money when the ticket sales can’t support it? Also absolutely not.

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