Early birds – Australian brands on Google Plus

Today GooglePlus gave organisations and brands the ability to officially hang up their shingle with a GooglePlus Page.

Australian brands that have quickly jumped on board include:

Vodafone Australia

Honda Australia

Hill & Knowlton

Tourism Australia

Amnesty International Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

In Adelaide, ConnectingUp and of course Socadl have GooglePlus pages. There’s also a generic Adelaide page  and the University of South Australia has one too.

In addition, there are several South Australian organisations that appear to have had a G+ profile for more than a month now (raising questions about their ‘legality’ within Google’s terms and conditions, so I won’t reprint their names here).

It’s interesting to note that the brands delving into G+ have taken the time to share photographs, enhancing their brand and quickly populating their new page. This is something that hasn’t always occurred on platforms in the past, and it’s nice to see. I always encourage clients to share images – they add interest, colour and tell an immediate story.

And thanks to my tweet pal @JMSness for sharing this lovely examples of a G+ business page – Burberry. The image below doesn’t do it justice so please visit the page live. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Burberry on GooglePlus
Burberry on GooglePlus

6 thoughts on “Early birds – Australian brands on Google Plus

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  2. Nice post Mich’ – and thanks for the VF nod – We’re pretty proud of how fast we moved and the follower uptake/positive sentiment across the content we went with. Watch this space for more cool stuff over the next few weeks. 😉



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