The power of your own Page

I’ve managed a lot of Facebook Pages over the past few years. They’ve always been owned by my employer or my clients.  Occasionally they’ve been owned by a community group that I’ve been part of. As the Page manager, I was always careful to retain that Page’s brand voice, to protect its business interests, keep its community happy and grow the Page’s fanbase and engagement. … Continue reading The power of your own Page

My big fat, not-so-secret news

I’m excited. About lots of things. Including the Foo Fighters performing in Adelaide this Monday. And Christmas approaching. (Yes, I love Christmas). But there’s something I’m even more excited about. SO EXCITED I AM MOVED TO USING CAPS WHICH I DON’T DO LIGHTLY. Next week, I become Prakky, sole social media consultant. For the past two years I’ve been working as social media consultant with … Continue reading My big fat, not-so-secret news

Twitter 101 series: conference hashtags

This read is for those who are new to Twitter or new to Twitter hashtags … You might have attended a conference recently, where other attendees were tweeting. Did you feel left out? Did you wonder what was going on? If you haven’t delved into Twitter yet, it can be difficult to understand the attraction and benefits. Twitter encourages conference debate and opens proceedings up … Continue reading Twitter 101 series: conference hashtags

What’s in a name?

I presented two social media Masterclasses at the South Australian Tourism Industry Council conference recently. The conference MC was a journalist named Emma Rebellato. Emma had a lovely speaking voice. Smooth tones. Calming manner. But it was her name I was even more envious of. Emma Rebellato. Say it aloud. It runs so easily off the tongue, like a poem or an incantation. You want to … Continue reading What’s in a name?

Is Klout Losing Its Kred?

There has long been disquiet and scepticism surrounding the social media ‘influence measurement tool’ Klout. I’ve seen most of this on Twitter over many months (and not just recently, following changes to Klout’s algorithm). I’ve seen tweets from people questioning their Klout topics of influence, questioning the Klout scores of ‘bots’ and spammers, and so on. Another example is this vignette from Ken Mueller, discussing … Continue reading Is Klout Losing Its Kred?

Big Day Out – Kanye Fix It?

One of Australia’s most popular annual music festivals, the Big Day Out, is receiving a backlash today after announcing that a drawcard for next year – Kanye West – will not appear in Adelaide or Perth. BDO is trending on Twitter, and it’s not for the right reasons. The BDO website provided this news for Adelaide:  “… the need to reduce from two to one … Continue reading Big Day Out – Kanye Fix It?

3 helpful tips for G+ Pages

Many of you may be busy setting up your business page on GooglePlus, as this feature became available today. Here’s three helpful things to note: 1. How to find your Pages: Under your G+ profile picture (top left) you’ll find the drop down window leading to the pages you manage. See the example below. Simply click on the Page name to begin to use G+ as … Continue reading 3 helpful tips for G+ Pages