Social media is its own beast: the Qantas way

Anyone who’s been to one of my social media presentations will be able to tell you one of my favourite phrases is: Social media is its own beast. Social media isn’t marketing. Social media isn’t sales. Social media isn’t public relations. Or customer service. Or advertising. It’s all of those things and more, rolled into one, covered with a layer of intimacy and immediacy; a … Continue reading Social media is its own beast: the Qantas way

Prakky roadshow

Once upon a time I hated public speaking. I’d rather have dental work done. Now I find it’s a regular part of my job and I’m enjoying it. In the future, you might catch me at these engagements below including four next week: National PR Directions conference about PR, social media and ethics. Sydney Hilton 25 October Business Services Industry Skills Board breakfast, National Wine … Continue reading Prakky roadshow

Who will remember the children?

There’s been a thought nagging me for some time. It relates to a forgotten audience in the Facebook privacy debate. When the community talks about Facebook, popular themes are often 1) our own privacy settings 2) how teenagers use Facebook and its impact 3) cyberbullying and its nasty side effects, etc. Facebook defenders point out that how we use the social network is up to … Continue reading Who will remember the children?

The Age of Measurement

Has there ever been an age where we’ve been so publicly measured? As social media becomes embedded in our lives, there’s a growing number of tools available to measure our online performance, to assign us a grade, a rating or a name. Seriously. It’s getting beyond a joke. As a social media professional, I want and need analytics as much as the next social media … Continue reading The Age of Measurement