5 reasons new Facebook could make you happy

Facebook is the world’s most popular website.

So it stands to reason that when the interface changes, some people freak out.

There’s a lot of online grumbling about Facebook’s latest changes. They won’t suit everyone. They never do. But I think they should make some Facebook users very happy indeed.

Those happy people are:

  1. Facebook addicts who absolutely love keeping up with friends minute-by-minute. They’ll like the new ticker feed. They may also like the feel of “top stories” which could give them a sense of Facebook being constantly fresh. (Whether it is or not is an entirely different story and depends on your Facebook network).
  2. Facebook users with thousands of friends. They’ll be happy with the new Facebook list options.  Lists enable you to maintain your reach, but easily keep in touch with ‘real friends’ by having them sorted onto a handy list you can quickly refer to. Like Twitter lists, this can mean that you won’t miss out on the news that really matters to you. (Top news is trying to do this for you too, but Facebook’s algorithm won’t always get it right).
  3. Again, Facebook users with thousands of friends might like subscribe. If you have that sort of Facebook presence, chances are you haven’t been too circumspect with letting people into your friendship world. You probably aren’t too concerned with privacy. You may have a goal of connecting more with the general public. So allowing people to subscribe to you is a natural extension of that. Just be mindful of how ‘subscribe’ may change Facebook for you, taking you into the public realm. If you’re concerned about your personal brand online, be wary of what you’re posting.
  4. People who love sharing photos. Facebook has made the photo layout more attractive: larger pics, plus a nice grid layout when you upload multiple pics. (They’re looking more like photos uploaded to GooglePlus now).
  5. Overzealous stalking  bosses who you’ve friended on Facebook – they can see when you’re spending time there according to the ticker. (Okay, that one’s a little far fetched. I hope).

As with any Facebook updates, it’s wise to spend some time learning what they mean and seeing if you need to make adjustments to your settings. The image below shows the help screen that will pop up when you’ve been given the new Facebook:

Facebook guides you through latest changes
Facebook guides you through latest changes

What makes me happy?

Well, I don’t fit many of the categories above.

I don’t sit on Facebook. While I duck in daily, I don’t use Facebook to keep up with friends or other connections. I use it more follow brands and gain ideas. So the ticker doesn’t do it for me, and top stories won’t make me visit Facebook more. (Interesting thing about the ticker? If one Friend has jumped onto FB and taken out quite a few actions, they quickly flood the ticker stream. That can be boring. And it makes them look frenzied.)

I’ve deliberately kept my Facebook friendship numbers low and I cull now and then. I don’t want more than a few hundred people there. It’s a place where I want to comfortably share family updates. I prefer to use Twitter to network and make ‘public’ connections. So I don’t think I’ll allow people to subscribe to me, as that would force me to rethink my Facebook philosophy (there’s an option to make your status update ‘public’ or ‘friends’ but I’d rather keep it simple).

Also, I don’t have thousands of friends that would necessitate me making many lists.

So the one thing I do like? The larger photos. They rock!

What about you? Has Facebook made you happy with any of these changes?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ash Simmonds says:

    Like you I don’t sit “on Facebook”, I’ll have a quick peek on my phone in the morning getting ready for work to see if there’s anyone I can troll, and then again in the evening – so the changes don’t really affect me.

    Up until a couple months ago I shunned the whole FB thing, I have a bunch of friends and acquaintances on there who I only have fun with every month or two or even only every year – but they daily update “so happy right now” then “so sad right now” and various passive/agressive BS. I recently finally discovered how to remove them from my stream without unfriending completely, and it’s been much more enjoyable only reading updates from relatively stable and interesting people.

    Funnily enough, last night I used FB from a desktop for the first time in ages, and I got to see the changes roll out from one minute to the next.

    I never dug the FB layout and usability, but something about when I saw the new layout last night, it just clicked and I “liked” it.

  2. Ben Teoh says:

    I really like the share count. Being able to see who is sharing your content and how wide it’s being shared is great. Not only that, but you get credit when someone shares your content – great way to gain subscribers.

    There’s a photo going around today that (as I write) has had 1132 shares and you can see who’s sharing it and what their comments about it are. Pretty nifty.

  3. clutterbells says:

    I just intuitively don’t like change and doubt that these changes will make a difference to the way that I use Facebook.

  4. Wholeheartedly agree. I would come in and out of Facebook about 2 twice a day. Certainly don’t have it open all the time – there’s no need as I can see new messages via the rockmelt browser. Facebook for me is more about close friends and family – and I too keep my friends list small. I’m with Ash too – like the option to hide comments from those serial posts.

    The new layout is fine by me – not that different really. Don’t see that it will make me any happier than I am though.

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