Not Queuing, Racing … A Cool New App

I recently completed my own Amazing Race across Adelaide. The clock was ticking, I had a prize waiting for me, and I wasn’t letting other pedestrians get in my way. But why?

Have you heard of the NoQ app?

It’s an Adelaide development that helps you beat queues at venues like coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, pizza bars and more.

If you use NoQ, you can place an order using your smartphone, pay in advance and easily collect your order – beating the queue.

I’ll be honest. When I first heard about NoQ, I thought it’d be an app I wouldn’t use. Why bother? I can live with queuing for just a few minutes. And how on earth was I to predict when I’d want a coffee / pizza / baguette?

But then the opportunity to test it out presented itself – I was standing in a queue at Bean Bar on Waymouth Street Adelaide, staring at an advertisement for the NoQ app.

It was the second time in two days I’d had to queue at that Bean Bar. It’s not my usual café and it’s not in my neighbourhood. I’d been going there because a client’s office was nearby.

I had another meeting scheduled with that client the very next day. And I decided I wasn’t going to queue for the third day in a row (because that would be really stupid, right?)

Back at my office, I downloaded the app, made my order (one large weak latte please. I know, I know. All the espresso drinkers are shuddering), selected my very specific timeframe (ten minutes before my client meeting) and paid using credit card.  All done. It was quite exciting – an experiment I was looking forward to.

The next day … I was running late.

There was no way I would collect the NoQ coffee on time. I left my office at the same time it was due for collection. Impossible.

So, one of the unexpected side effects of using the NoQ app was my anxiety level!

I knew there was a hot latte waiting for me, and although it was only a few blocks away, it felt like the other side of the world. Adelaide has never seen a woman move across the CBD so fast. Perhaps.

What would happen to my latte, I wondered? What about the Bean Bar staff? NoQ was new for them too. Would they be biting their nails, craning their necks for this “Michelle” to turn up for her pathetic excuse of a coffee? Or would they simply shrug and toss my lame latte down the sink because I was clearly beyond the 10.50am timeframe I had agreed to. No soup for you.

NoQ App
NoQ App

Approximately seven minutes late, I dashed into the Bean Bar.

I had only to gasp that I was Michelle, when the friendly barista reached atop a heater and rescued the large cup waiting for me. He was all smiles. And so was I.

So in an ideal world, NoQ will help beat queues and possibly avoid some stress. As long as you make it on time!

My favourite part of the app? The fact that I’ve already paid for my order. No money needed to change hands – it was just “grab the coffee and go”. Swift and easy.

(ps I made it to the client meeting on time).

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gary Lum says:

    Sounds like a great app

  2. Downloading, great theory, will give it a go.

  3. Can’t wait for the Android version that is apparently in the works. My favourite chicken shop is introducing the NoQ system soon, so it’s great to hear from someone who has had an experience with it so I have an idea of what to expect. Thanks for sharing!

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