Facebook flashbacks: the laughter and tears of abandoned pages

Do you remember what Facebook Group you joined first?

I remember joining Derek Zoolander’s Group for Really Ridiculously Good Looking People mostly because everyone I knew was in it (and of course because I belonged there). I also joined a fan group for The Chaser, the ABC TV series.

Facebook flashback: SuperPoke!
Facebook flashback: SuperPoke!

That was years ago and I’ve since left both groups, but it got me thinking about ageing Facebook Groups and Pages.

We’ve all seen abandoned Facebook spaces, and aren’t they are sad? They’re often overrun by spam or the bleak message ‘there are no Recent Posts’. It’s like spider webs are hanging from the corner of the screen and everyone’s partying in the room next door, leaving the page to its lonesome self.

What about the oldest Facebook pages? What are they?

I Googled the question and there were few relevant, reliable results. I searched the topic in Facebook and you can imagine the messy results I received there. Facebook’s oldest pages simply aren’t easy to find (but if you come across a link, I’d appreciate you sharing it!)

While I was looking through Facebook, I did find this gem: Students Against Public Facebook Access (Official Petition) That’s right – they didn’t want Facebook to continue to extend its membership into the non-college world! My, how that horse has bolted.

Old Facebook pages and groups can be a time capsule – a screenshot of an era that can be fascinating and funny.

Here’s some Facebook pages well past their use-by dates:

Ok enough is enough, send in the thunderbirds to catch Osama bin Laden!!!

Official Petition Against the K-Fed and Britney Breakup

Athens 2004 Olympics

Kevin 07 vs Howard

Triple J Hottest 100 2008 Predictions

Julia Gillard for Prime Minister

We all know Joey and Dawson are soul mates

Anthony Callea – The Prayer

Like if you think crazy frog is freaking annoying!!!

It was big news in April 2010 when the American Library of Congress said it would archive Twitter. (Did you know this project is still under construction – see this article on the Library of Congress Twitter Archive One Year Later).

But who’s archiving Facebook?

If you’re running company/official pages or communities online, it’s important you make your own backups and have an archive. But for future generations, who’s going to maintain the “Library of Facebook”? If anyone can find me that answer too, I’d be grateful …

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  1. One of the first groups I ever joined was something along the lines of ‘I secretly want to punch slow moving people in the back of the head’. Unfortunately when I looked for it today, there’s about 30 groups of its kind.

  2. Ben Teoh says:

    It would be great if something like the waybackmachine (http://web.archive.org/) cached Facebook. Great for a laugh. Man I miss blinking gifs.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Michelle! How do you backup a company FaceBook page? Cheers, Karen, A Little Elf

    1. Prakky says:

      Hey Karen, there’s a few tools to back up all socmedia accounts including Facebook. These include https://www.backupify.com/ and https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/archivefacebook/ if you use Firefox. If there’s a “real special” comment or content though, you may want to do the old-fashioned screenshot and/or print out!

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